So you’re probably wondering who I am…and why my words are so brash sometimes.

Let me explain:

My name is John.

And probably similar to you, I became disillusioned with the 9-5 lifestyle.

I had gone to college, got my degree, and a “cushy” corporate job for one of those big companies you’d know if I’d name them.

For about two years as a new young professional, I felt accomplished.

I felt as though I had no ceiling.

Except I did.

And it hit me like a ton of bricks.

It didn’t matter how much effort I put in, how many overtime hours I worked, or how many problems I solved for the company.

I was stuck at a mere $65,000 per year.

Talk about demoralizing.

Thanks to the inflation that started in 2020, my bills kept going up:

  • Groceries
  • Gas
  • Rent

But my pay stayed the same.

I couldn’t take much more.

Everything I was taught growing up…

All this stuff about hard work paying off…

Was just a load of BS.


I’m not a greedy person. 

I don’t want that new car. 

I don’t want to live in the super rich neighborhood. 

I don’t even want to eat out at a fancy restaurant every night.

All I want is to be able to buy a full tank of gas and not have to take a gut punch every time I look at the receipt.

That’s not too much to ask for right?

Well the system and powers that be would make you think it is.

After all, they’ve simply just reduced us to numbers at this point.

So what did I do?

Well to be honest, I threw myself a pity party for a couple months.

Then after I got sick of my own crap…I started to do some serious digging into systems that would get me that financial independence I was looking for.

I looked at and even tried a bunch of different business opportunities.

  • Amazon FBA
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • MLM’s
  • Real Estate
  • Dropshipping
  • And more

None of these worked though.

You either needed a lot of free capital to get started (Real Estate & FBA)…

Or you needed to be really good at sales and paid ads (MLM’s and Affiliate Marketing)

And I knew two things about myself:

  1. I did not have $10,000 available to just experiment with for FBA or dropshipping to see if I’d make it back or lose it all
  2. I was no sales guy…I’m an introvert of the highest order (even writing this has me anxious)


When I was nearly at the end of my rope…

I stumbled upon a system I’d never heard of before.

And it was this system that actually helped me BEAT THE SYSTEM (click here if you wanna read more about it).

Fast forward a couple days, a few phone calls later, and I was enrolled.

A little while later I put up my first version of what I like to call “digital assets”

Here’s what it looks like:


Believe it or not, this site has been pulling in a consistent $2,000 per month for me over the last two years.

The best part?

I don’t have to put in any additional work outside of basic maintenance and updates here or there.

Here’s why I’m recommending this system to everyone like me:

  • Ease of reaching 7k+ per month
  • Low competition
  • Mostly passive

Sure, this business is going to take some hard work and dedication…but then again so do all businesses.

Anyone that says otherwise is likely pulling your leg.

Very few businesses though will offer the time freedom that this can provide however.

I’m not saying you need to “buy my program” or any of the other cringe worthy guru marketing language…

But I will say that I think you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t at least take the time to check out the mechanics behind this business model.

So if you’re still with me, let’s dive into the business model of digital leasing…the system I used to beat the system.

What Even Is Digital Leasing?

It’s really similar to traditional real estate when you think about it. You basically build a property, place a tenant in there, and sit back collecting checks month after month.

In this case the property you have is a website and the “tenant” is actually a local business owner.

This website you have provides a bunch of extra customers that are hot and ready to buy. The business owner simply pays you each months to keep their pipeline full.

The best part is that you don’t have to do any of the labor or actual job fulfillment. You’re just connecting buyer to seller.

Think of it like getting you’re own piece of the pie…

After all, the customer wouldn’t have gotten helped and the business owner wouldn’t have gotten the job if it weren’t for you.

Why Would A Company Pay Each Month For This Site?

As awesome as it’d be for all businesses to know how to market themselves…it’s just simply not the reality.

Most businesses are good at one thing and one thing only…

And that’s getting the job done.

They just don’t have time to learn the online stuff. Unfortunately, putting an ad in the newspaper or relying on word of mouth just doesn’t work anymore.

If they can’t figure this out…they die out.

National Examples Of Digital Leasing: Home Advisor & Angies List

Home Advisor and Angie’s List use the digital leasing business model on a national level. Because of all the money they’ve spent on advertising and brand awareness, they rank in the top 3 spots for most search results.

Here’s how they do it:

Someone will land on one of their sites and request a specific service they need done. They then fill out some information and submit it.

The two companies take that info and then send it off to a bunch of local businesses nearby to the customer and businesses pay them for the info.

Did you catch that though?

“Bunch of local businesses nearby”. You see the two companies take that one lead, and toss it to like 5 different businesses at least. The local business owners hate this…but usually have no choice but to fight for it.

What Makes Digital Leasing Such A Lucrative Business?

Most businesses have a bunch of overhead…employees, rent, materials, the list goes on.

With digital leasing you pretty much have no overhead.

You’re looking at maybe $9.99 per year for your domain name and a couple bucks each month for hosting.

Profit margins of 90%+ are not too bad if you ask me.

The best part is that you can generate leads for almost any industry…and all businesses always want more leads!

So How Do You Generate Leads As A Digital Property owner?

It’s pretty simple actually.

All you gotta do is place yourself in front of where those customers are going to be looking.

Places like Google, Facebook, or even Instagram.

One study recently showed that over 70% people looking to buy click on the search results related to that purchase.

So let’s get real for a second…

Let’s say that out of the blue your toilet starts overflowing. Nothing you’re able to do in the moment is able to fix it. 

What’s the first thing you’re gonna do?

I’ll take “go to Google” for $1000 Alex.

Exactly, you’re gonna Google something like “emergency plumbing Spokane” or something like that.

Then you’re gonna click on one of the first few results so that you can get someone out there to fix your toilet ASAP.

And see that’s what it means to be a digital property owner…being one of those first few spots people click on in the search results.

Some Leads Are Better Than Others…

It’d be really cliche but I could say something like “location location location” just like physical real estate because that concept does apply here.

For example, let’s say someone searches “drywall repair brownsburg in”.

Do you think they are more likely to click on a website that says “drywall indianapolis”…


“Drywall repair specialists brownsburg in”.

See when your websites are that custom tailored for a specific service, you’re gonna be sending ready to buy customers right to the businesses front door.

And they’ll be happy to pay ya.

Why Can’t I Just Run Paid Ads To Generate Leads?

Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with that.

In fact, I’ve even run my fair share of paid ads before.

But here’s the thing…

I wouldn’t build an empire on something with such little control.

Here’s what I mean:

Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, these platforms all update their rules and regulations basically daily.

And that means that if you’re running your ads a certain way that they all of sudden deem “against their rules” (new ones you wouldn’t even have time to adjust to by the way), then your account can be suspended.

This means that all the money you were generating for yourself and your clients comes to a grinding halt.

That’s why I’d rather build something that can have lasting results. Results that can’t just be terminated overnight because someone hit the wrong button.

Plus, if you don’t have a large enough ad budget…you might not even be able to get in front of the customers you need anyway.

Why Ranking A Website Is Like A Super Power

It took me a little while to get things right when I started generating leads off of Google’s search results pages.

But boy…Once I got everything down pat it was off to the races.

This fencing site makes me $2,000 every month and I haven’t hardly touched it since setting it up.

The expenses are basically as cheap as you can possibly imagine.

We’re talking about $15 per year for the domain, about $8 per month hosting for the site, and a couple more bucks each month for the tracking phone number I have for it.

(what…you think I just have these sites with my number on it? My phone would explode!)

Today I focus on lots of niches, sometimes I even go straight for fencing in other towns across the US.

When I do this, I just clone the page over in a matter of 10 minutes or less and hit publish. Of course I’ll check back on it every month and a half or so to see if I need to make any tweeks.

What other business models allow for a nearly 95% profit margin?

The World’s Oldest Wealth Builder Made Digital

Look, it’s no secret that owning real estate has been the path to wealth since the dawn of civilization.

But most of us don’t have $20k to drop on an investment property…so what’d we decide to do? Digitize it.

Remember, you have to think of these websites as apartments or rentals. When you’re in one of those top 3 spots…it’s like living on the nice side of town.

Which means you can command a pretty penny for that spot.

For Rent

There’s just nothing quite like the comfort of having a predictable income stream that stays steady month after month and even grows as you add more.

Digital Leasing Examples

My life is forever changed because of this business model, it’s helped me beat the system.

In a way, this business model is similar to what AirBnB has done to home rentals.


They just connect the buyer with the person who has what they’re looking for.

The same goes for us with digital leasing AND we have the control on who to work with or not.

For example, let’s say a tenant decides to stop paying you, all there is to it is swapping the phone number to someone else.

In fact, most of the times when this has happened to me I reach out to their competitor and say something along the lines of “Hey I was sending your ole’ pal Joe 8 expensive fencing jobs each month, he decided to stop paying, wanna take a crack at these?”

And from my experience…they’ll just about always say YES!

Time For The Step By Step Guide…How Does Digital Leasing Work?

Step 1: Pick A Niche And City

For example, fencing in Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs has a population 480,000 so there isn’t exactly a shortage of homeowners with money to spend.


And there’s some tools out there that will actually help you find out how many people are looking for fence repair in Colorado Springs


That’s 320 people per month or 3,840 people per year who are looking for fence repair in just ONE city.

The average fence repair costs $599.

So if just 10% of those people decide to move forward and have their fence repaired…

That’s 32×599 = $19,168.

How many businesses would pay you $2,000 just to keep the rest of that?

Pretty much all of them!

Especially when 5 of those jobs are likely to turn into even higher ticket jobs!

So now they’re making even more money after paying you just $2,000!

Step 1

Step 2: Find A Business That Wants More Customers

Alright, so now that we know the numbers all we gotta do is find business owners that want to work with us.

And who wouldn’t after sharing those numbers we just found?

But where do you go to look?

Well you want to find business owners who are already paying for marketing. So it’s best to check places like Groupon:


Or Angi…




Wanna know why I think the companies on these platforms are willing to pay for new customers?

Because they’re already doing it!

Take Groupon for example. Whenever a business closes a deal from their lead, they take 50% of the pie.

Or Angi’s…

They’ll charge one business $60 for that lead and then go on to send it to 4 other businesses and charge them $60 as well.

The only one that really wins in that situation is Angi because the businesses owners have to fight over the same lead they each paid for, and the customer gets pissed off by having a bunch of random businesses calling them.

But here’s the cool part about digital leasing…

You win, the business owner wins, and the customer wins!

Full transparency: Business owners know they’re getting screwed by guys like Angi’s list and Thumbtack.

They just don’t know that there’s a better way.

If you show them that and treat them right…they’ll fall right into your lap.

Step 2

Step 3: Build A Stupid Simple 5 Page Website

Ok, so now we have the niche…we have the city…and we have the business owner.

Let’s get to work.

We’re going to build an EXTREMELY SIMPLE 5 page website that literally anyone could do.

Here’s how simple I’m talking…look at this home page:

Vanta 2

It’s not the prettiest little thing is it?


But it doesn’t need to be.

All you need is 5 pages, some content, and a tracking phone number.

I recommend hosting somewhere safe and simple like BlueHost.

With a little bit of practice, building one of these things should take you about an hour.

So let’s do some quick math again.

$2,000 x 12 months = $24,000

And worst case scenario (because we always want the worst case right?) let’s say I spend one hour per month on it for some crazy reason.

That’s 12hrs over the course of the year…an hourly rate of $2,000…

Time Investment

And this is just one website…

Wanna know how I’ve replicated this exact process hundreds of times now?

Step 3

Step 4: How I Get In Front Of Customers

Now that your site is up, and the business owner is willing to pay you anywhere from $500-$2000…it’s time to start delivering.

Because the faster you do, the faster you get paid.

First things first, you gotta start managing your site’s ranking by applying SEO.

Google search results are only seen by people who are looking for a specific product or service.

You’ll see something like this:

Organic Result

As you could imagine, the first few results are where all the clicks and buyers are gonna go to…and that #1 spot is me by the way…

I’d say the best part about all this is that these leads are coming to me for FREE!

I’m not paying a dime for them to come my way.

What’s even better is that just about all the leads that come through my site are SOLID because they’re already looking to get the service done anyway!

Ok, so now let’s talk costs.

Let’s say it took me 2 months and $800 to rank this website.

For $800 basically one time, you can send a business owner 32 new potential customers…

While keeping all $2,000 from there on out as pure profit.

Step 4

Step 5: Visa Or MasterCard?

I shouldn’t even have to explain this but yeah…time to collect your money!

At this point you’ve shown them the numbers.

Backed them with your results.

And provided way more value than Angi, Thumbtack, or any other national guys could wish to provide.

To be completely frank, the only time a business owner won’t pay up is if you’ve loaded them down with too many customers for a period of time or they’re retiring.

But when that happens, all you have to do is flow the extra volume to another business in town and keep on doin’ your thang!

Step 5

Step 6: Repeat Repeat REPEAT

If you’ve done this once, it stands to reason you could do it 10, 20, or even 1000 times right?


This process is rinse and repeatable for hundreds of niches, and you’re only limited to how many you wanna build.




You go dude!


Jeez homie save some coin for the rest of us!

Step 6

Why Call This Digital Leasing?

Well I’m not opposed if you’ve got a better name.

But I call it digital leasing because it operates a whole lot like traditional real estate in that it’s semi-passive and recurring…

However, it doesn’t have all the pitfalls and annoyances that come with traditional real estate:

real estate headache

Remember, you own this site. No one can take it away from you. Just like no one can take your physical real estate away from you.

But instead of having to break the bank and sell the farm to drop 50k+ on investments properties…

You can build out one of these digital properties for like $100…maybe $300 if you outsource everything with some extra wizardry.

This means your start up costs are virtually non-existent and that means you can scale as fast as you want.

How long do you think it’d take to buy 100 houses?

I don’t even wanna do that math…

But what I will say is that you could build 10 digital properties in a week if you wanted to.

Think about this for a second…

Starting with $0 in semi-passive recurring and over the course of a year building that up to potentially $20k+…

Digital Leasing is just that powerful.

And guess what…you hold even MORE POWER than physical real estate.

If someone stops paying you there’s no squatters rights or eviction process…you just cut them off and send the leads to the next guy.

It’s all in YOUR HANDS!

You own the site:

Vanta 2

And most importantly, you own this number:


When someone calls that number, they’ll get passed straight on to your digital tenant.

But if they decide to jip ya on pay or stop sending you money altogether, it takes all but two clicks to boot em’ and move on.

Then it might take an hour or two to find someone else who will pay you the same or even more.

No annoying formalities, lawyers, showings, zilch.

Just a couple phone calls and clicks and the money never stops.

My Story Of Landing A $2,000 Fencing Tenant

Honestly, I didn’t think I was going to be able to find success with this at first.

I had no experience in this stuff whatsoever.

But thanks to Josh and Sean’s Digital Leasing Program I was able to come up with this site right here:

Vanta 2

Not too bad for a guy with no experience if ya ask me.

It might not look like a tech wizard built it, but it cast a pretty good spell on my bank account!

Age doesn’t really matter with this either. Whether you’re 18 and don’t see college being the path for you…

Or you’re 66 and looking for something to keep ya busy during retirement…

There are people of all ages succeeding at this.

In fact, we have one older couple who started this business when they retired and now they’re making more money with this than they ever made combined at their day jobs!

Anyway, back to my Fencing site.

It didn’t take all that long to build.

Maybe 2 hours or so because I was slow and double checking all my work.

It took about 8 or 9 weeks for it to rank as well.

Now hold onto your hats…

I haven’t touched this site since the fall of 2021 and I’ve been collecting $2,000 every single month since.

I track every phone call and can even listen in on them if I want.

At the end of each month, I send a data log of all the calls I’ve sent the business owners way.

That way he knows how much money I’m stuffing in his pockets.

Why send them the report?

Well lemme ask you this…

If someone sent you a report that showed how you were lining their pockets with an additional 20k each month…do you think you’d have a hard time paying them?

Exactly. I do what I’m good at, they do what they’re good at, and we both make our money.

Here’s the key though:

Don’t expect one client to be your ticket to becoming a millionaire.

The real trick in this business model is to own a whole bunch of different properties. Just like one real estate property won’t make you rich, owning just one of these won’t make you rich either.

Just imagine what it’d be like to have 100 clients.

And they won’t really leave you either. You’re handing them piping hot leads that turn into direct money for their bank account.

Some will be ok with a flat rate, others will be a tad skeptical and ask for a percentage deal.

I secretly prefer percentage deals because I’ll end up with more money than I would with a flat rate.

There’s this roofing client I have now. I front the ad spend and he cuts me 25% of every deal that goes through.

He’s landed more than a few roofing jobs that turned into 100k+ jobs…as you can imagine I’m one of the happiest campers when I see those come through.

Look, I’ve tried a whole bunch of different “make money online” business models before AND AFTER I tried digital leasing.

And I did manage to make a buck or two here and there.

But all of these other models had the same issues.

Too much time and not enough money.

It was basically a self created job…and that’s not what I was trying to have at all.

I wanted time freedom.

I wanted location freedom.

I wanted financial freedom.

And there was only one model that ever provided those 3 things?

Digital Leasing.

Check Out How These Models All Compare

Affiliate Marketing FBA Sales Dropshipping MLM Real Estate


The amount of financial upside you have to with digital leasing seems insane.

And that’s cuz it kinda is…

Doctors, Lawyers, and big business execs often have to into hundreds of thousands in debt just to see 6 figures or more.

5 Steps

I can’t take all the credit though.

The idea of “self made millionaire” is a bunch of crap to be honest.

Everyone that has ever built any form of meaningful wealth has had a mentor at one stage or another in their life.

What else? Millionaires all tend to hang around each other. That’s why having a community of people doing the same stuff is the best part!

My mentors even go live in Skool twice a week…and have other successful students coach new students on the other days of the week!


I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my month or with the mindset of an entrepreneur.

So I definitely owe a majority of the credit to the guys that have mentored me for years now.

And sure, the right business model did have a part to play in that as well…

In Baseball it might be the batter instead of the bat, but in business…it’s the business model that will ultimately make or break your success.

Digital Leasing is your ticket.