Full Time Adjuster Review (Updated): Is Matt Rau Legit?

Matt Rau used to be working as a welder in Colorado working all sorts of back breaking hours and not getting paid nearly what he should’ve been. Then he heard about an Insurance Adjustment school that was taking place in Denver. What piqued his attention was that insurance adjusters can make a bunch of money, work flexible hours, and not be impacted back the state of the economy.

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He figured what the hell, can’t be worse than the crap I’m going through now. So he went ahead and showed up to that event. As soon as he came back home he quit his job and started his venture as a full time adjuster. Of course he made some mistakes. But he learned from them, figured out the do’s and don’ts, and made $100,000 in his first year. “With the knowledge I’m about to give you,” he says, “you, too, can absolutely get to the same point.”

“By the way, a property insurance adjuster is an individual who inspects damage to a home,” Matt explains. “Maybe it’s from a natural disaster… or like hail, wind, fires, floods, water damage, maybe a tree fell on a roof. You name it. There’s tons of ways a home can get damaged. When an adjuster inspects a home, they’ll document the damage during the inspection, both by writing down what was damaged and by taking photos of that damage. They then write up a repair estimate that’s sent to the homeowner’s insurance company.”

There are two different types of insurance adjusters. One who is just salaried and works for an insurance company. And the other being a self employed 1099 contractor. Of course the 1099 option offers you much more freedom and financial upside, but work doesn’t just get handed to ya. You’ve gotta make sure to market yourself and get in with other companies that refer you work as well. A bunch more risk. But a bunch more reward. He’s gone the 1099 route and he thinks you should too.

Matt Rau Review

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

There’s basically no financial ceiling. You can make 100k+ your first year and every year after if you do things right. To put it in perspective, Matt’s best month was $80k. Of course there was hurricane…but hey…it happened nonetheless. You have full control over your schedule. For example, sometimes Matt will do 5 inspections a day, other times he’ll just do a couple every once and in a while and enjoy the downtime. So what sucks about this biz? You gotta set aside money for your own taxes. Also you can’t take TOO MUCH time off, companies might stop sending you work.

This part may suck, but you’ve gotta get licensed. You have to take a pretty grueling exam and pass it. Not to mention figuring out your specific states requirements, paying all the fees, and completing all the paperwork. To figure out your exact requirements, visit AdjusterPro.com . And unfortunately this isn’t really passive. You’ll need to constantly update your qualifications, skills, and unlock new opportunities. Personally, that sounds like wayyy too much work and hoops to jump through.

Matt doesn’t sugarcoat it. He says you’ve gotta have thick skin and call up theses companies, introduce yourself, and keep following up. Once a company accepts you, you’ve gotta constantly stay up to date and super organized. I’m talking about documenting every phone call with a homeowner, all your notes, photos, literally everything for at least 5 years or until the insurance claims are closed. Of course Matt does offer to fill in all these gaps for you. You’ll have to buy his $249 course though. Fantastic value in my opinion. This business model just requires too much work and isn’t for me.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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