Adpulse AI Review (Updated): Is Rocco Jasinski A Genius?

AI is becoming better and better every day.

It can help businesses with regular tasks and do some things almost instantly.

That said AI does have some limits.

But here’s the thing…Rocco Jasinski doesn’t think creating converting ads is one of them…

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What Is Adpulse AI?

Adpulse AI is a program created by Rocco Jasinski with the goal of helping people use AI to create ads that convert.

Creating good ads can take quite a long time when it comes to a human.

And his theory is that with some ground work, you can learn how to prompt AI to create these ads…saving you a lot of time in the process.

Here’s what you’ll learn inside the program:

  • How to set up and ad campaign
  • How to use AI to create Facebook ads
  • Lessons in video format
  • 10-day daily access to the training portal
  • 10-day daily challenges

The program is only 10 days long and for that, it’s not super expensive, but we’ll talk about price more later.

In the 10 days Rocco’s goal is to make sure you can become confident enough to make some basic ads on your own using AI.

Who Is Rocco Jasinski?

Rocco is a young gun from Germany who has vast experience in the online space considering how young he still is.

According to his story he started dropshipping when he was just 14 and 2 years later he found himself running a digital marketing agency that would eventually scale up to 7 digits.

What’s not so cool about Rocco is that he claims that you could earn $10,000 in just 10 days…and frankly that’s just not probable or realistic.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

How Much Does Adpulse AI Cost?

Adpulse AI costs $34.95.

Honestly that’s not too bad a price for just 10 days at about $3.50 per day.

But personally, I’m more concerned about what comes after…

It’d be a bit naive these days to think that $34.95 is your final cost.

With “challenges” like these, there’s almost always going to be some kind of upsell that you’re gonna be pushed to at the end.

Because of the lack of 3rd party reviews, it’s hard to say what exactly the offer is and how much it costs.

However there are some complaints of some people not even getting access to just this offer after they’ve paid…so it’s not super confidence inspiring.

Do I Recommend Adpulse AI?

Honestly…I don’t.

And it’s not because he’s a young kid or anything like that.

It’s because of the business model itself.

You see, running a social media marketing agency is wayyy more difficult these days than I think he’s letting on.

Creating an ad is just piece of the puzzle.

You’ve gotta manage ad budgets, client relations, prospecting for new clients, and the whole nine.

It’s not passive in the slightest.

And if it’s one thing I feel like I know about you…it’s that you’re looking to get out of a 9-5…not transition into the 24/7.

So if that’s the case, I hate to break it to you…Rocco’s course isn’t gonna be your saving grace.

But I do have something that just might be….

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024