ALGO Online Retail Review (Updated): Is This Tim Guy Legit?

Tim’s ad starts off by trying to answer the age old question: “Why do so many people lose money selling on Amazon?”. Then he basically side steps the question and immediately goes pitch mode with saying “What if you could build a thriving Amazon ecommerce business without white label, arbitrage or wasting your hard-earned capital on paid marketing?” Looks like we’re in for another doozy folks, scroll down for my full ALGO Online Retail review.

The Only Solution

“If that sounds interesting, get this:” he continues. “Our students (mostly newbies) are building thriving Amazon ecommerce businesses by selling “brand name” products with massive built-search volume. No more taking risks on unproven products that don’t sell.” Of course I’m sure that this is all totally unique and the only thing he’s really copying is the same pitch that all the other Amazon guru’s are known for right?

“All you need to do is follow this simple step-by-step roadmap and you can build a profitable Amazon business in just 1-2 hours per day. Even if you’ve never sold anything online before. We’ve perfected this system and used it to generate tens of millions of dollars in sales…”

Ok let’s break down that last one shall we? “Simple step by step roadmap” How many times have we heard this one? Do any of you honestly believe any of it will be simple? Secondly, how about that 1-2 hours per day claim? Look, talk to anyone that’s made any kind of money with their own business physically or online and they’re gonna tell you that it takes wayyyy more than just 1-2hrs per day for you business to be launched sucessfully.

Is Tim Hellbusch Legit

The Only Solution

And of course the good ole’ “this system has made us a bazillion dollars” claim. Let’s be honest, those 10s of millions aren’t coming from sales on Amazon. At least not anymore. Amazon has cracked down way too hard on stores for them to be the million dollar producing assets they were once able to be. You know what does make millions with Amazon now though?

Selling courses like this. “And we’ve taught it to over 11,245 students across the globe. If you want to see exactly how it works… Then click below to reserve your spot for our new free workshop. We’ll walk you through the entire 3-step process. Nothing held back.” Lol. “nothing held back” yeah, if nothing’s held back, why are you running this ad in the first place? People don’t run ads unless there’s some kind of financial incentive. And if there’s 11,245 students, don’t you think saturation would certainly be an issue?

This ad pushes you towards his webinar. After the webinar you are undoubtedly pushed towards buying into this program and becoming student #11,246. How much does ALGO Online Retail cost? A whopping $1997. What do you get for that? 25hrs of video, 24/7 email support, some list of resources, and that’s about it. If you think you’re getting 1 on 1 coaching with Tim, you’re sorely mistaken. My advice? Don’t get involved with something as saturated and unsupportive as this…

The Only Solution

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