AMZ Mike Review (Updated): Is This “Not Guru” Legit?

You may have seen a couple different ads on Facebook from a guy named “AMZ Mike”. Of course we don’t know what his last name actually is. But he has quite the office setup that’s just perfect to record flashy ads. So what’s this guy pitching? Apparently some way for you to make a whole bunch of money by selling on Amazon or ecom in general. Scroll down for my full AMZ Mike review.

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The ad starts off by reading “I’ll help you understand these three ways to sell and succeed on the world’s largest online marketplace.” What are these three ways you ask? Here’s what he has listed off in the ad.

Method 1 Private Label: Become your own brand! With private label selling, you have the opportunity to create your own unique products and sell them under your own brand name. Start by finding a product with potential, source it from a manufacturer or supplier, and customize/brand it to make it stand out in the market. You’ll have full control over pricing, branding, and marketing, allowing you to build a loyal customer base. Private label selling offers great profit margins and the chance to establish a long-term, successful business on Amazon.”

Method 2 Wholesale: Team up with established brands! Wholesale selling involves partnering with manufacturers or distributors to purchase products in bulk at discounted prices. By leveraging the power of existing brands, you can sell popular products with well-established demand. Simply find reputable wholesalers, negotiate competitive prices, and list their products on Amazon. Wholesale selling provides a more straightforward approach, as you don’t need to worry about product development. It’s a great way to earn consistent profits by tapping into the existing market demand.”

Is AMZ Mike Legit

The Only Solution

Method 3 Online and Retail Arbitrage: Unlock hidden profits in the marketplace! With online and retail arbitrage, you’ll take advantage of price differences between different platforms or retail stores. Search for discounted products in clearance sections, outlet stores, or online marketplaces, and then resell them at higher prices on Amazon. This method requires sharp product research to secure profitable deals. Online and retail arbitrage can be a fantastic way to start making money quickly on Amazon with relatively low upfront investment.”

His ad concludes by saying “Remember, success comes with dedication, continuous learning, and a strong support system. Hit me up for any help or questions you have regarding Amazon at no charge” and he points you over to his Instagram page. When you land on his page though, he really emphasizes the fact that he’s not a coach or guru.

However I’m just not sure. I guess he gives off “pre-launch” guru vibes to me. There’s gotta be some way he’s planning to monetize his audience. Anyway, his points are valid. My only problem though is the fact that Amazon can shut you down at literally anytime and your source of income disappears in the blink of an eye. I also don’t like just how competitive the Amazon and ecom space really is. You’re competing against literally millions of people trying to sell the same product as you. Personally, I prefer something with less competition with no ability to shut me down overnight. Maybe my solution is more of what you’re after…

The Only Solution

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