Ecom Authority Review (Updated): Is This One The Real Deal?

There are a lot of different ecom store services out there these days. All of them pretty much pitch the same idea: “Partner with us and let us grow your store for passive income”. At first glance, Ecom Authority appears to be no different as there ad reads “E-commerce stores are more valuable than ever in 2023. Partner with us to build your automated E-commerce store. We build the storefront, we source the products, and we scale the business.” Scroll down for my full Ecom Authority Review.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Honestly the idea behind these types of services are very enticing. They essentially position you as the financial partner that simply sits back and collects some passive income while they do all the day to day work. Of course, it doesn’t actually work out as smoothly most of the time, let me explain…

You see a lot of these services are good at pitching the dream and not so much on fulfillment. The amount of stories I’ve heard in this space when it comes to let downs is actually insane. Hearing people talk about dropping $50k on one of these services and never seeing a dime back or having the service provider say “well we jut didn’t have enough money” like what?!?!? $50k isn’t a lot of money?!?!?

The truth is that if services like these really were successful, don’t you think they’d just corner the market themselves and make these massive stores on Amazon or whatever platform they wanted to use? Exactly. And to make matters worse they have this idea about “splitting profits” that isn’t necessarily true. You’re the financial partner remember? This means that you’re fronting all the cost. You’re already paying them to source the products, buy the products, pay for them to market, etc. Then they tell you that they’ll get EVEN more? Sounds pretty ridiculous if you ask me. And when you break it down, it’s pretty much a 75/25 split. They get 75% of the monthly, while you only get 25% and sometimes even less.

Is Ecom Authority Legit

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

So that brings us back to Ecom Authority. Is it any different? Well that’s hard to say because the very first thing you’re brought to on their landing page is a financial qualifier funnel as pictured above. Of course everyone is most likely to choose the $10k+ option each month.

After that they tell you that to achieve $10k+ per month that it will take AT LEAST $50k in upfront funds to see returns like that. I think I lost my appetite…The very next question they ask is “Do you have at least $50k in up front capital to get started?” If you say yes, you will be encouraged to hop on a call with their team. If you say no (like I imagine most people will as $50k is too damn much!) it’s tough luck and they just send you on your way.

Overall I just don’t like the idea. All of these different “passive income” ecom opportunities have the same pitch, same funnel, same everything. There’s no separation and no real difference. And if they’re not all that different, I’m gonna assume that the results aren’t all the different either. No thanks, I don’t wanna drop $50k and never see it again. I’m just gonna stick to building these little local websites.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024


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