Bossless Forever Review – Amiee Ball (Updated): The War On Your Wallet!

Bossless Forever review: It’s a coaching program that Amiee Ball created that shows ya how to send leads to local business owners. How? By finding high buyer intent keywords that people already look up in Google like “tow truck indianapolis”, “roofing pueblo”, and etc. Then you just build the ugliest little website and rank it in Google. When that happens, you’ll get emails and calls, then you’ll hand them over to a business owner for some coin.

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So is Bossless Forever legit? Yeah I’d say so, she’s a single mom that’s been put through the ringer and is trying to provide the best she can for her sons. Her system works really well, always has and always will. And just to make it easier to understand, lemme ask you a rhetorical question. Are Google and small businesses going anywhere any time soon? That’s what I thought…Is there ever a future that you foresee small businesses stopping their payments for marketing and ads? Of course not. And don’t ya think that if you are handing them white hot, ready to buy customers that they’ll make some sales out of it? You can bet your bottom dollar. And if they’re making a lot of money and you’re only charging them a little, won’t they likely stick around for a good while? You’re damn right they will! And if you can set a money making website like this in just one afternoon and then collect a check month after month for years to come…wouldn’t be worth looking into? Folks, this is realistically like a $7,000 per hour skill. I can’t think of any other skill that could have that kind of return on your time. And if that’s all true, you might as well rinse and repeat with a dozen more of these things…stacking one stream of recurring income over the next. Then you’ll be financially and time free to do whatever you want…maybe being bossless forever?

Well that’s the dream Amiee ball is pitchin’ y’all on. And sure, I might have oversimplified it a bit, but I can tell you from experience that this is entirely realistic. But what’s the cost? It all comes down to cost right? Folks you’ll be looking at dropping at least $6,000. But before you get all pissed off and click off the page, hear me out. Say a website like this make’s you $750 per month on average. Cool. And say the client sticks around for at least one year. Then pal you’ve made that money back and then some. And what if a client decides to stiff you on payments? I might be a bit of a savage, but I just forward the leads to one of their competitors and get paid what I’m worth. So now this new client has stuck around for a year and the money is over doubled back, why not make 15, 20, 25, 100 of these things? Why not have a bunch of these “online rental properties” paying you like clock work every 30 days?

Ultimately yeah, I do trust Aimee Ball with Bossless Forever and give two thumbs up.

The Only Solution

Now here’s where it get’s kind of awkward & spicy. I actually know the guys that Aimee Ball learned from. The OG’s of this whole entire space actually. They’re who I learned from too. Ditto for 10,000 others last time I checked. So if you watch her webinar and decide to pass in favor of learning from the original masters, I can’t say I blame ya. Here they are.

Either way you go, I think it’s worth it for ya to check out this business model. It’s exactly like what I’m doing here, just a bit faster and easier since we’re talking about small towns that aren’t nearly as competitive. And I mean, if you read this all the way through, clearly this stuff actually works, right?

It also didn’t cost me a single red cent to get you here. Unlike Cough Cough Facebook Ads Cough Cough. Which seem to be what all the gurus are pushing these days. And I’m probably out there livin’ my best life right now – being bossless and free – while these words put on the overalls and shovel stuff for me 24/7/365. It just doesn’t get any more passive of profitable than this folks.

The Only Solution

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