Branded Products For More Sales Review (Updated): Is Dawson Grant Legit?

Wait a minute a rebrand already? A secondary brand? Why? Branded Products For More Sales is essentially just Ecom Authority. Except this time we see the owner, Dawson Grant, on the front end of the marketing. The Facebook Ad copy reads the exact same as the Ecom Authority branding: “E-commerce stores are more valuable than ever in 2023. Partner with us to build your nearly automated E-commerce store. We build the storefront, we source the products, and we scale the business.” Scroll down for my full Branded Products For More Sales review.

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This ad is essentially just a short video where Dawson and another guy go around trying to show how easy all of this stuff is. Of course, they also have supercars conveniently placed in the background. I’m sure they didn’t just rent those for the day right? The skeptic asks the question: Why sell a bottle of toothpaste that I would use at home? Dawson conveniently answers: Well for exactly what you said, you use this at home and so do a lot of other people, which is what makes this product successful.

Dawson goes on to explain that he got his start in the real estate business and that he was very successful in it. However it was very transactional as he describes. If he wasn’t flipping, building, or selling, he wasn’t making any money. When the pandemic happened, he was forced into FBA. He claims that he’s had a lot of success in it.

In fact the interviewer asked him: If you guys are so good, why not just do it all yourselves. A good point right? Well Dawson does kind of bob and weave the question. He says that Amazon doesn’t really like big stores and that even if you get one big super store, inventory starts to turn very slow. He likes the idea of bringing on clients and being able to operate at economies of scale.

Is Dawson Grant Legit

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The part they go over is why they don’t use private label products in these stores. The answer is pretty simple. They want to be able to have their clients piggyback off the success of big brand names. Now let’s talk about refunds. Is there one? No, not really. Dawson says they have some kind of a 90 day policy, but it really is just a “credit” meaning that they will “refund” you but only for credit towards another product to sell. So ultimately no, no money back.

And the cost? Dawson confidently says that it will cost $50-$60k for you to get started. He then goes on to explain the types of costs and continues to flex his big warehouse in the corner with panning shots.

I’m just not sold on this kind of service at the end of the day. Most of the time it’s the company selling the service that’s making a boatload of the money, not you the “client”. They showed some of their “300” claimed clients in the background ever so briefly, I saw some pretty old folks. I can only hope that these older people weren’t swindled out of their 401k to make something like this work for only one side. And because of that, I’ll still stick to building little local websites.

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