The Brewer Method Review (Updated): Is Eric Brewer The Best Real Estate Wholesale Coach?

Eric Brewer claims that he can help you add an additional 6 figures to your real estate investing business by finding deals that are right under your nose.

“Simply by using this unique strategy,” he starts out, “I’ve tripled my deal flow and doubled my average profit per deal.”

“All without spending any more time or money on marketing and lead generation. This is a little-known legal loophole that lets me sell wholesale deals on the MLS to retail buyers,” he goes on.

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The Brewer Method is all about widening your buyer base and finding retail buyers instead of just hedge funds and cash buyers.

Yep, gone are the days of having to chase distressed properties and motivated sellers.

Today you’re able to go after nicer houses and low motivation sellers.

He first discovered this method in 2009 during the housing crisis and has been perfecting it ever since. Now he’s ready to share it all with you.

He used this strategy personally to sell over 3,000 homes which is roughly $75,000,000 each year. Pretty crazy huh?

“If you’re a wholesaler,” Eric says, “with The Brewer Method, you’re making money from the leads you’re already generating.”

“If you’re a fix and flipper? This is an easier way to get paid faster with less risk,” he adds.

“It’s a hundred percent legal and gets around any wholesale compliance issues all over the country because you’re working with real estate agents and not against them.”

“And you will get more deal flow because of the relationships you’re now able to build with them.”

He’ll have you believe that there’s literally nothing like this out there today and that he’s the only one that knows.

How Much Does The Brewer Method Cost?

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

So what is it?

Well I’ll tell you what it’s not.

It’s not creative financing, short sales, subto, lease options, or owner financing.

You can still use those if you want, but Eric says what he teaches will allow you to close deals you might not otherwise be able to.

Let’s say you’re a wholesaler who only closes 1 out 10 leads. Imagine being able to close an additional 1 or 2 out of those same 10 leads without spending an extra dime on lead gen.

Now you would have doubled or tripled your deal flow. Not to mention you might go from $15k per month to 30k or 45k…how would that change your life?

Eric claims you’ll be able to find that extra $100k with his help and no added risk on your end.

Well I guess besides whatever he’s gonna charge you for all of his secrets, resources, marketing materials, and more.

Which is gonna cost you $8,500 by the way…

Sure, his program, private Facebook group, and weekly group coaching calls might be of some help…but do you really see yourself tirelessly cold calling home owners and real estate agents that aren’t as hungry for the deal as you?

Before you buy his stuff, just check out what I do…I promise it’s not nearly as time consuming.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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