Holton Buggs Review (Updated): Is He The Best MLM Leader?

Holton Buggs doesn’t know anything else but the network marketing space. He’s been in it for over 30 years now. With that, he’s the founder, chairman, and CEO of his MLM Ibuumerang. And something a lot of people are wondering about him are things like: What’s his story? What’s his net worth? How much does he make each year? Personally, my question would be: Do you respect the way he lined his pocket over the years? Scroll down for my full Holton Buggs review.

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Holton Buggs grew up in Tampa, Florida where he was raised by his single mom. She’d always plant affirmations in him from a very young age, encouraging him to be a leader and provider. Over time, those words stuck with him and he began to believe it. His dad wasn’t around much growing up, but he was inspired by all the side hustles he saw him do. Not to mention the motivation he received from his grandparents who were bootleggers.

If you can believe it, Holton met his wife when they were just 13 years old. Two weeks later they became boyfriend and girlfriend and haven’t left each others sides since. Holton always knew what he wanted and knew how to get after it. When he was younger he was bagging popcorn, delivering newspapers, and cutting peoples hair. Whatever he needed to do to not be broke.

Without even realizing it, he ran is own little MLM in high school. He would buy candy and then recruit a bunch of kids to go sell it for him. “Here’s the thing,” Holton said, “I don’t do anything in moderation. That’s why I don’t do drugs. If I was to try crack, I’d be a crackhead.”

Holton Buggs Net Worth

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After high school, Holton found himself playing football for a full ride scholarship while he was in engineering. He wound up joining his first MLM company not too long after. Even though he never saw more than $500 per month personally, he was dumbfounded by some of these top earners. On the side Holton waited tables, sold payment processing, and even worked in a furniture store. This whole time he was dialing in his communication skills. With the money he had left over, he decided to start watching, listening, and reading anything that had to do with personal development.

When he was 24, Holton made his way into yet another MLM. He wanted to be a regional director because he heard those guys made 20k per month. So he said, “Tell me what I gotta do to make that myself.” So he tried it out and ended up getting stuck at $1200 per month. He wasn’t to be deterred though. He felt closer to a breakthrough now more than ever. He switched over to a company that had a binary pay structure. However, it was now do or die. He was 250k in debt, his car got repo’d, and now his home was on the line.

Then Organo Gold came along. Holton would be the first to tell ya…he hates coffee and tea. But he knows most of the world likes it. So he set a goal of making a million bucks a month off of it. After turning 40 years old he was making 1.2M per month and after 100M in commissions, he became the top gun at IBuumerang to help others earn residual income just like him.

Between all the different assets and companies he has his fingers in, Holton Buggs net worth is 70 million dollars. But to revisit my question at the beginning: Can you really respect a guy who’s making all the money while 98% of his followers are failing? Personally, I’d rather be dead broke than an MLM millionaire. How about you?

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