Chelsea Winstead Review (Updated): Is Her Freelancing Business Program Legit?

She starts off her ad with a stunning fact: “Over 93% of women are not prepared for economic downfall.” and follows up with “But first, who am I and why do I matter to you?” Ok, surely I’m not the only one that feels like the intro to this ad just gave them a bunch of whiplash right? Scroll down for my full Chelsea Winstead review.

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Chelsea then begins to give us an introduction of herself “I’m Chelsea Winstead. In 2017 I was making $65K/year in my 9-5 job as a project manager. It was at that time I learned that small businesses, that weren’t able to pay a full-time project manager, NEEDED the skills I had…and were willing to pay me a monthly retainer to help their businesses for a few hours a week.” See I’m still confused though, what does any of this actually have to do with the initial fact she stated earlier about women not being prepared for a downfall economically? Sounds like she was pretty prepared right?

She continues: “When I started offering my skills as a digital service, in 2018, I more than doubled my annual income freelancing, and quit my 9-5! Fast forward to 2020, I was making over $500k/year, and having greater job security with multiple sources of income (multiple clients), vs 1 source of income (1 employer).” Yep, sounds like she was pretty well prepared before all this freelancing stuff if you ask me.

This leads us into her first testimonial: “Story: one of our students, Amanda, was a heavy-equipment operator when we met. Ya know those huge landfill Tonka trucks…she was driving those! At the time, she felt she had no transferable online skills. Once pregnant, she realized that she needed total freedom & the ability to not only be a mother – but have an income on her own terms. Today, she’s making over $20K/month managing Facebook groups. Imagine the ability for you to work from home – spend more time with the ones you love – all while making LIFE-CHANGING MONEY.”

Is Chelsea Winstead Legit

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That’s a pretty nice feel good story. So what exactly is Chelsea offering then? She says it’s not affiliate marketing, not Amazon FBA, not network marketing, and definitely not bitcoin. So what’s left? Freelancing. She wants you to learn how to start your own freelancing business from her. Look, I don’t wanna be the barer of bad news or anything, but freelancing isn’t easier than any of those things she listed above. In fact, it can be quite a bit harder.

Why? Well for one thing, “freelancing” is a huge umbrella term. It can mean a whole lot of different things. Something as easy as creating a logo for $250 all the way to being a software developer that charges $250 per hour. The freelancer that makes logos is less likely to rake in more than the software developer that’s basically a cyber mercenary. Sometimes one singular skillset like affiliate marketing or fba isn’t as bad as it seems.

Ultimately there is no price listed on the front end, you have to give her your name and email address before being pushed down further in the sales funnel. If you want to become a jack of all trades, then this may be the program for you. But if you want a more focused sense of direction, something like starting out with a singular focus of ranking websites may be a better area to start out in.

The Only Solution

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