Course Chemist Review (Update): Can You Really Make Money With Digital Courses?

Course Chemist, created by Julie Chenell and Cathy Olson, is a thorough and exhaustive training for people who would like to turn their money-making ideas into a profit-pulling digital course by preselling, planning and building a strong community.

The program takes you step-by-step through the whole process of creating your course – from coming up with the initial concept to launching the finished product to the general public.

Julie and Cathy help you make sure that your courses aren’t just interesting and educational, but also strategically marketed to reach the type of audience you’re targeting. 

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

The idea is to leverage a combination of marketing and design in order to give course creators the best chance possible to build out a course that will both be memorable and make a positive impact. 

The way it works is that Julie and Cathy teach you how to “experiment” and test out different ideas so that you can make sure your course is: 

  • Well-planned
  • Effectively delivered
  • Provides value to your students

Currently, Course Chemist has over 10k students and nearly $7 million in sales so what Julie and Cathy are teaching seems to be a hit in the real world. 

But is it right for you? 

Perhaps, and that’s what we’ll be talking about in this Course Chemist Review. 

My goal over the next few minutes is to go over some details when it comes to creating a digital course, answer some of the more common questions that I get about these types of programs, and touch on something that I think you might find interesting for 2024. 

I know that it can be a pretty big step doing something on your own, and the last thing I want to do is steer you in the wrong direction. 

So, hopefully by the end of this review, you’ll have a good idea of what’s best for you and feel good about whatever decision you make. 

Now that all this is out of the way, let’s get this ball rolling… 

What’s So Great About Creating A Digital Course? 

First, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of creating an online digital course… 

Positioning Yourself As An Expert

If you want to present yourself as an expert who knows what they’re talking about in any given field, then a good way to do this is by creating a course.

It’s not just about being the go-to source for certain information, it’s about people looking at you as an authority on the topic.  In other words, if you wanted to learn how to cook, instead of going to the 5-minute cook at your local steakhouse, you would probably take a class or two from Gordon Ramsay, that is if you can handle all the ridicule. 

By showing that you’re an expert on a certain topic, your audience will be more likely to listen to what you have to say. 

Creating Multiple Streams Of Income

It’s never a good idea to rely on one source of income, like affiliate marketing or blogging, because if the market takes a turn for the worse or there’s an algorithm update, you could find yourself scrambling to maintain cash flow. 

Creating an online course offers a stable and predictable business model and is inherently scalable. When you sell information on what you know, this allows you to hedge your bets and avoid any losses you might have with other sources of income, which is crucial for long-term growth and just makes good business sense. 

Low Audience Requirements

With a digital course, you don’t have to have a huge following to make decent income so long as you have content that is engaging and interesting. Also, you’re able to cut your expenses by monetizing your audience to other programs you offer without having to spend additional money on paid ads or other ways to get traffic. 

For example, if you had a $100 course that you sold to just 10 students for a monthly subscription, that’s $1000 per month.  Now if you sell just 5 students on an additional course with even more valuable information for $500, that’s an extra $2500 you made just for spreading the word. 

High Income Potential

People tend to look at digital courses as having more value than selling an ebook or downloadable audio, which in turn allows you to charge more – especially if you offer a community for your students to get together and talk about their ideas. 

This is why you can make so much money from a relatively low number of people. Also, a good structure to your course means that you’re able to reach more students without adding much more to your heavy workload. 

Easy and Scalable

With platforms like Teachable, Udemy and Skool, putting together and managing an online course has never been easier. These platforms do all the heavy lifting when it comes to all the technical features like video hosting and content delivery.

This allows you more time on creating and updating content and marketing. So, not only does this simplify the process but also allows you to position your course for future growth. 

Now, let’s talk a little bit more about Julie, Cathy, and their program… 

Who Are Julie Chenell and Cathy Olson?

Who Are Julie Chenell and Cathy Olson

Julie and Cathy are the cofounders of Course Chemist, previously called Funnel Gorgeous. 

Julie Chenell got her start in entrepreneurship as a blogger and writer for The New York Times and Washington Post. She’s also a graduate from the University of New Haven with a Bachelors in Psychology. 

Cathy Olson, the other half of this dynamic duo, is a graduate from California State University studying creative design and branding. She got her chops by working with companies like Costco, Best Buy and Disney. Her passion is helping creative minds get more clients and sell more products. 

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

What Do You Get With Course Chemist? 

Here’s a quick look at what you’ll get inside the program… 

  • Groundwork Experiment: You’ll start by setting up your course with module planning, organizing, and building a foundation to make your course easy to understand.
  • Outline Experiment: This step helps you turn your ideas into a simple outline, so you can organize content in a way to minimize future revisions.
  • Marketing Pitstop Experiment: Julie and Cathy teach you to use marketing with course design, organizing your workflow and optimizing SEO for your course pages.
  • Build Experiment: This part focuses on developing your course material in four strategic steps to make sure it’s interactive and easy to learn.
  • Community Experiment: Julie and Cathy guide you on creating a strong community around your course, selecting the best platforms, and engaging with your students.
  • Teaching Experiment: This section offers strategies for engaging students in both live and pre-recorded sessions, improving content delivery and effectiveness.

How Much Does It Cost To Join? 

You can get started with Course Chemist for $197.  They also have a 14 day refund policy if you change your mind. 

Are There Better Ways To Make Money In 2024? 

Without a doubt, creating a course is a great way to make money, and if you know a lot about a certain topic, then this would be a no-brainer. Also, $197 isn’t a whole lot of money, so I wouldn’t let that get in your way if you just want to learn what they’re teaching. 

The only problem I truly have with course creation is that it seems like you’re always on call with your students. What I mean is that if they have a question about something, they’re sending you an email or hitting you up in your community live calls. 

This is kinda why I prefer Digital Leasing. 

It’s not about creating a course, but it offers the same kind of income potential without all the upkeep. 

And the beauty of it is that once you have your digital assets in place, it’s virtually 100% passive income. 

If you’d like to learn more about why I believe Digital Leasing is the best money maker for 2024, just click below. 

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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