Dan Vas Review (Updated): Is eCom Freedom Legit?

Many people today are looking for ways to make money online. So I’m guessing it’s safe to say that you’re in that group because you’re here reading up on Dan Vas and wondering if he’s got a good roadmap. 

Well, here’s the deal. 

There are many different side hustles that you can make money from including: 

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Print On Demand
  • AirBnB

But how many of them actually work without you needing to either spend a ton of money upfront? 

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Sure, you can probably find one or two that can put some money in your pocket right out of the gate, but how many of them are sustainable over the long term? 

Well, that’s what we’ll be talking about in this Dan Vas Review. 

Over the next few minutes, what I want to do is go over some of the questions that most people ask about programs like eCom Freedom and help you decide whether or not it’s the type of course that you should purchase. 

After all, you don’t want your bank account to take a big hit just to find out a few months down the road that it wasn’t the best decision. 

So, let’s get started… 

Who Is Dan Vas? 

Dan Vas is a young guy who’s made a pretty good name for himself in the ecommerce business industry with almost 45k followers on Instagram and nearly 470k subscribers on his Youtube channel. 

He first got started with internet marketing while he was in college in 2017 where tried his hand at selling Amazon products on Shopify. 

After graduating college at York University in Canada where he got his BS degree in Business Economics, he decided that working a typical 9-5 job wasn’t going to do it for him, so he set out to start his own business, which brought him to where he is now as a successful online marketer. 

As a coach, he’s introduced over 15,000 students to the concept of online marketing mainly through Youtube. 

Dan now lives in Vancouver, Canada where he shares what he’s learned over the past several years. 

Is eCom Freedom Legit

What Is eCom Freedom? 

Ecom Freedom is a course that teaches you all about how to sell Amazon products on Shopify. The course covers training in: 

  • Finding the right types of products to sell
  • Creating your brand
  • The right ways to market your products

After joining Dan’s program, you’ll also get: 

  • Unlimited mentorship from Dan and his team
  • Access to his private Facebook group which is a decent online course community
  • Regular updates to his course material

The course focuses on the “Private Label” business model, which basically means that you find products that have resell rights attached (usually outsourced from China) and you’re responsible for your own ecommerce brands and packaging those products.  

However, doing this type of business isn’t a quick way to make money. In fact, it can take up to 6 months before you start making money, and almost a year before you start to see a profit. 

Dan claims that eCom Freedom is one of the best courses you can get when it comes to online business, but you’ll need to keep your expectations in check because it’s going to take hard work, determination and a good amount of upfront capital. 

Of course, this isn’t to say that Dan Vas is a scammer or that his course isn’t on the up-and-up and has a lot of good information. 

I know you can make money with Amazon, because I’ve done it.  But I also know all about the hoops you have to jump through too. 

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

How Much Does eCom Freedom Cost? 

Dan’s course costs $997 and has an absolutely strict no refund policy.

You have additional options to pay, such as 2 payments of $597 and 3 payments of $497. 

The thing is though, $1,000-$1,500 is really just a drop in the bucket when you consider all that’s needed when you do this business, things like: 

  • Inventory
  • Branding
  • Advertising

All totaled, you’re looking at anywhere from $10k to almost $15k just to get your business off the ground.

What Do You Get Inside Dan’s Ecom Freedom/Amazon FBA Course

Actually, before fully joining the program, you have the option of signing up for a 7-day Free trial where you get access to the first 3 modules of Dan’s eCom Freedom course for free. 

After that, you get the following: 

  • 100+ Hours of Training Videos: You watch as Dan steps you through his system
  • Facebook Community Access: You’re able to join Dan’s Private Facebook group where you can communicate and learn from his other students. 
  • Mentorship Calls: You can join Dan on live calls with his team and other students.
  • Course Box Set: You get access to the physical portion of Dan’s Trainings

Are There Better Ways To Make Money Online In 2024? 

In my personal opinion, I would have to say that there are definitely better ways to make money than most other ecommerce courses that use the Amazon FBA business model. 

That’s not to say that you can’t create a successful ecommerce online business with Amazon FBA, but there’s a lot to juggle.

One of the biggest drawbacks is that the business is not passive.  Once you start making money with this business model, it basically becomes a 24/7 job. 

Now, one of the biggest pitches about the course is that you don’t HAVE to do much because Amazon does all the heavy lifting, which it true, but all that heavy lifting comes at a cost. 

Not to mention that you have to keep a close eye on Amazon because they can be notorious for tracking your progress of your successful fba business to see how well you’re doing with certain types of products. 

Don’t be surprised if one day you come across a listing for an exact duplicate of yours that Amazon is selling for nearly half the price. 

That’s why I prefer to stick with Digital Leasing, which is really nothing like Amazon FBA. 

Basically, I work with small businesses to help them get more money to their bottom line, and for that I paid a percentage of their profits. 

What’s great about this business is that not only is the competition so low, but it’s about 90-95% passive income.  

If you’d like to learn more about why I do Digital Leasing, just click the button below. 

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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