Digital Empire Review (Updated): Is Derek And His Wholesale List Legit?

Derek is presenting us with a unique Amazon FBA opportunity today. Compared to the regular guru’s that try to push you into joining their program with no experience…Derek is actually targeting those who are already running a Wholesale Amazon FBA business. And what’s his offer? Apparently his list of suppliers that he uses to keep inventory flowing seamlessly. Is it worth it? Find out down below in my Digital Empire review.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Derek starts out his ad by saying: “Attention FBA Sellers! Are you ready to take your Amazon Wholesale Business to the next level? Distributors, Wholesalers and Liquidators are looking for you!” Basically he is trying to act as the middle man between these suppliers and you. I’m sure he probably has some kind of an affiliate deal worked out with these suppliers for sending you their way.

“Here’s what you’ll get: Unlock a world of opportunities:

  • Access unbeatable wholesale prices.
  • Say goodbye to endless searching.
  • We’ve done the hard work for you!
  • Keep your inventory stocked with ease.
  • Explore a wide range of high-demand products. “

“Why struggle to find reliable suppliers when you can have them at your fingertips? Don’t miss out on this chance to supercharge your Amazon success. BONUS: Connect with our newest Amazon FBA Distributors and build long lasting relationships that will EXPLODE your Amazon Storefront.”

Is Digital Empire Legit

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Ok so let’s talk a little bit more about what’s going on here. All Derek is really doing is connecting buyer and seller…pretty similar to what I do actually, we’ll talk more about that later though. Derek is targeting people with Amazon FBA businesses already turning some kind of a profit. However, if you’re already in this business, you probably already know how hard it really is.

Suppliers and the communication with that make everything that much more difficult. You’re probably hoping that Derek’s list is full of “easy to communicate” with wholesalers and suppliers. I just kinda doubt that it is. Why? Well for starters, the list is only $997. If all those suppliers and distributors were that valuable to Derek, don’t you think he’d be exploiting them for his own gain? Dominating every single niche out there thanks to their low prices? But he isn’t.

Why is that? Because it’s easier to connect buyer to seller, just like what I do. Except he uses Amazon FBA owners and I use Google. Arguably my ways a lot simpler as well. All I do is build and rank little local websites that cost maybe ~$100 each to build. It’s a lot cheaper than running an FBA business, that’s for sure. Not to mention there’s a lot less competition. And I don’t have to worry about difficult to communicate with suppliers. You can try Derek’s list, it might work, it might also be full of a bunch of now dead business suppliers after the pandemic…But you might find my solution less stressful.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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