Ryan Dossey Reviews (Updated): Is CCF Investments Legit?

Create Cash Flow is the brainchild of Ryan Dossey, a real estate investor who runs one of the largest RE masterminds in the country for experienced real estate investors. Regardless of the fact that everything seems to be going to pot in the U.S. right now with inflation, high gas bills, and food prices making it hard to buy a double cheeseburger at the McDonald’s down the street. Yeah, everyone is struggling, but hey, real estate has passed the test of time and this Ryan Dossey Create Cash Flow review is going to lay out why. 

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Ryan didn’t always have it so good, in fact there were times he couldn’t even get out of bed just struggling to find the energy to make it through another day. As a high school drop out working for just $23,000 per year – that is before Uncle Sam swooped in to take a big wet bite out of his backside – he wracked his brain every day trying to figure out how he was going to make ends meet. 

That’s when he read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. After that, things started coming together and making sense, but he still wasn’t making the strides then that he’s making now. Back then he was only pulling in 6 deals even doing this full time. 

It was right about that time when a friend of his told him about a website called Bigger Pockets. On that site, he learned about the concept of Wholesaling real estate.  For those of you who might not know, wholesaling is when you find deals on houses that could use a little fix up, tie the property down under contract for a low price, then flip it to another investor for about $5,000 to $10,000.  That investor would then purchase the home and rehab for a bigger pay-off later on. 

And that’s exactly what Ryan and his friend did.  They started a yellow letter campaign with a marketing budget of $3,000 and in 30 days, they found a property in need of some repair and flipped it to an investor for $10,000 and used that money to buy their first two rental units. Needless to say, Ryan was on cloud nine and bouncing out of bed every morning after that. 

Realizing that he didn’t need his job anymore, he quit and started doing real estate full time. That first year was cutting it close since he was down to his last $3,000 with about that much in bills. And pulling together those first six deals that I mentioned earlier was like an angel on his shoulder telling him to get up and go find more deals just like those. 

Is Ryan Dossey Legit

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Well, it’s been six years and as Ryan looks back to all the typical advice he would get from REI books, he was glad he didn’t listen. You see, he had the crazy idea of creating a local brand and getting people to leave him good honest reviews, because he says people want to know if you’re legit or a scam. That’s not something those other real estate investors taught in their $2,000 courses. 

The crazy ideas didn’t’ stop there either. 

Instead of sending out direct mail printed off a computer, he would bite the bullet and send out hand written letters in good old-fashioned blue ink. Then he got it in his head to answer every single call he got instead of having them go to voicemail.

Next he created an Instagram and Facebook profile for his businesses and became the “The Guy” to go to if you needed to sell your house in a hurry. 

Lastly, he started paying copywriters to do all of his personal emails and text messages so that these people knew that Ryan was working for THEIR benefit and had THEIR best interest in the front of his mind. 

And it worked like crazy! 

Now, he wants to show you exactly how did it so that you can see the same success that he’s had. 

I’ll give him this… he doesn’t think inside that box. 

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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