Douglas James Marketing Review (Updated): The War On Your Wallet!

Douglas James is another one of those make money online gurus that claims you’ll be able to earn mostly passive income by following his system of facebook ads. He has a couple different product offerings, but they all revolve around using paid advertising for his version of lead generation. Is it legit? What isn’t he telling you? How much does it cost? Read on for my Douglas James Marketing review.

The Only Solution

A lot of people think Douglas James is a scam. He’s not. You’re learning a set of skills you can use to launch your own ad agency, as he likes to call it. Douglas James Marketing cost is anywhere from $3k to nearly $25k for his highest offering. His refund policy is not super clear. You could make the argument that his course is overpriced, I guess. But even that’s up for debate. My only real beef with Douglas James is his marketing. He uses his history in the Navy to try and score brownie points from the veteran crowd so they buy his stuff. While his methods can produce results, Douglas James makes it appear to be much faster and easier than easier than it really is.

If you get past the crazy cost and cheesy appeal for trust, you are left with a business model that is sort of viable. Could you run an ad on Facebook to get people with dead cars to call a tow? Yes. Might there be a tow truck guy who will pay for your leads? Yes. And if you could get the leads for $4 and sell them for $10, well you’ve got a nice little income stream there don’t ya? Just a couple leads a day could earn you 500-1000 buck a month.

Speaking from personal experience, I think something like that is pretty realistic for the average Joe. The deals of crazy multi thousand dollar per month clients that you’ll find in Douglas James courses are certainly just an exception…not the rule. I just wouldn’t join his program expecting to land a 5k per month client right off the bat is all I’m saying. But you really could stack up a bunch of small wins on top of each other. Landing 10 clients at just a measly 500 bucks each would be pretty life changing for the average person. And I totally believe it’s doable.

Douglas James Black And White?

The Only Solution

And sure, would I like to hear a tad more about how someone like us would get business owners to fork over their visa? Of course. But he probably covers that in the Douglas James Marketing Courses. At least I hope he does. To be frank, the only issue I foresee going wrong with this online business is keeping your lead cost down. There’s a whole bunch of guys out there teaching Facebook ads, how to scale an agency, and more. These top dogs like Douglas James have thousands of students, his private facebook group has over 2,000. And he keeps adding more students each month.

And that means millions of others competing for the same clicks in the same areas. You don’t have to be Elon Musk to know something like that will drive up ad costs. Over time it will get harder and harder to protect your profit margin. We don’t have that problem. Similar to Douglas James, we also run a lead generation business. But instead of paid traffic and ads. We get FREE traffic from Google. We build and rank small little websites in Google and then the leads come to us. After that we hand out digital samples (think costco) and let the small business owners close themselves.

It’s kinda like what Douglas James is offering, but you’ll have more control, far less competition, a proven 6 step system of closing deals, high profit margins, we charge a fraction of what he does, offer a money-back guarantee, and don’t rely on what we were in our past lives for marketing. Don’t take what I say as the word of God though. Click the link below. Watch all the videos, read the FAQ’s, and check out all the case studies we have. Then just go from there.

The Only Solution