Impact Fitness Coaching Academy Review: Real or fake?

Transform 4ever Systems is an online fitness coaching biz that gives Erin Dimond and Jordan Dugger (owners) a 7 figure annual income.

Strangely, couldn’t find this info online. And you know what’s even weirder? Why didn’t she take Jordan’s last name? It’s just something that got me curious.

And don’t even me get started with their names. Erin Dimond and Jordan Dugger sound not only bizarre but also superficial. I can imagine a blonde duo spray-tanned from head to toe winning their way in events like Joust and Atlasphere, dressed in red, blue, and white tank tops. Picture them high-fiving with Gemini and Laser after giving some hard hits to ex-track star stay-at-home moms and those college football D2 walk-ons from back in the day. Just a funny thought!

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All jokes aside, Jordan and Erin are the top fitness entrepreneurs behind Impact Fitness Coaching Academy. They’re all about helping you kick off or boost your online coaching biz today. They’ve already guided a whopping 624 members (and more to come) on this journey.

When it comes to classes, programs, mentorships, and masterminds, you have plenty of options. And now some inside info: Jordan and Erin have expertise. Actually, they’ve spent a fortune on a quiet number of them. For example, they’ve invested more than $250,000 to learn about digital marketing, sales strategies, methods, team building, leadership, you name it, all the things that make an online fitness coaching business successful.

Jordan and Erin know all the fitness business secrets. Back in its prime, Transform 4Ever Systems had a team of six assistant coaches and four full-time staff members. So, if you’re thinking about expanding reach and earnings without handling everything on your own, Jordan and Erin have the solution

The day you admit you’re lost is the day you allow yourself to be found, Jordan says. Found by individuals who’ve walked the path before you, and can help you get there quicker and cheaper.

Jordan says the day you admit you’re lost is the day you allow yourself to be found. Simply trust the people who have taken this path before you and in doing so you will reach your business goals faster. Not only that, you will also spend less money. Imagine that!

Some of the perks of joining Impact Fitness Coaching Academy include speed, knowledge, a community, and accountability.

Seems like individuals do need your assistance to reach their fitness goals anyway.

Check out this real fact:

According to the American Society of Training and Development, having a scheduled accountability session with a person you are accountable to increases your chances of accomplishing a life goal by almost ten times.

To help you stay on track, IFCA adds personalized coaching discussions and check-ins to the mix.

After you qualify, they guarantee that you make $10k in your business within 90 days time frame, or they will serve as your training coaches free of charge until you do.

Is Erin Dimond Legit

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Just so you know, there’s some stuff in the fine print that’s worth mentioning:

  • You must own a running business that has a minimum of five clients
  • If you want to impress your clients with results, better work with experience and expertise.
  • You must not miss any of your one-on-one calls with your coach and also mark all your check-ins.
  • You have to execute all assigned strategic actions on your specific business plan.
  • Plus show up for all the assigned support calls.

Even having all of the above, the refund doesn’t put money back in your pocket; however, you do get feedback on what went wrong. This whole “guarantee” has me so pumped, that I might just need a nap to calm down.

Things get weirder if the whispers on Reddit are true and IFCA actually has a cost of $15,000. Some dudes over there were shaking their heads, saying you could snag the same knowledge from their free podcast. It’s a bit shady, to be honest.

“It’s just teaching you how to scam like them,” someone vented on Reddit regarding purchasing an IFCA short course in the past. It turned out to be a huge waste of time and money.

Then another person joined in, wailing in the comments section, “Girl, they got me too! The course was absolute trash. I messaged them to let them know I felt the material wasn’t presented well, wasn’t easy to follow, didn’t make sense, typos, etc., and she [Erin] did not care. Biggest waste of money!”

One person chose to tear apart Jordan and Erin directly, saying things like, “Sh*tty fitness influencers, scammy business model, and top tier cringe content. They hit the trifecta of awful,” he wrote.

I’m not buying on all that drama, but they are shockingly pricy. Their so-called guarantee looks more shaky Huge scam alert! And it’s difficult to compete and onboard more clients when your competitors are getting performance-enhancing procedures and drugs.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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