Elite Signals Review (Updated): Is Elie Abou Faissal Legit?

In the trading world, forex (foreign exchange), and crypto (like Bitcoin) are somewhat popular today with many people jumping on the bandwagon, even those who aren’t experts.


Mainly because it’s never been as easy as it is now. You can trade stocks right from your phone or computer. Forex is about trading money from different countries, no different from when you’re traveling and need to exchange dollars for euros, for example. Crypto is the newest and most exciting way of trading that’s come down the pike.

I personally believe that there are better ways to make money, but we’ll touch on that a little bit later. 

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People hear stories about others making lots of money by trading, and so they want to try too. It’s just really important to do as much research on it before you get started.

You probably have questions like: 

  • What is Elite Signals?
  • Who is Elie Abou Faissal? 
  • Who is Elite Signals for and not for?
  • How much does Elite Signals cost? 
  • What’s inside the program?

And that’s what we’re going to cover in this Elite Signals review. 

If you’re like me, there’s something that piques your curiosity about making quick profits from a few trades instead of letting your money sit in a mutual fund for the next 20-30 years. 

Now, with all that curiosity comes a lot of people that might take advantage of your trust, but for the sake of this review, let’s just assume that everyone has your best interests at heart. 

What Is Elite Signals? 

Elite Signals is a comprehensive trading indicator and community that focuses on stocks, options, forex, crypto, and more. It’s founded by Elie Abou Faissal and offers a unique trading bot, signals, educational courses, and personalized coaching. It’s suitable for both beginners and experienced traders, with tools like the Elite Algo indicator to help with profitable trades.

The Elite Algo indicator, a key feature of Elite Signals, is customizable and offers multiple signals and overlays for technical analysis, aiding in accurate market predictions.

Elie offers various membership options, including a lifetime fee and recurring subscriptions. He also has a free Discord channel for community interaction and support, though it’s noted that this open channel can be prone to scammers.

Despite his offerings, reviews on Elie and Elite Signals are mixed. The positives include its educational value and community support to improve your trading strategy, while negatives focus on issues like signal delays and difficulties in subscription cancellation. It’s important to be careful, though, because even with tools like Elite Signals, these trading markets can be unpredictable.

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Is Elie Abou Faissal Legit

Who is Elie Abou Faissal? 

Elie Abou Faissal loves to trade stocks and forex and made quite a bit of money at it, so in 2019 he and his partner, Joseph Zaylah, started their joint trading journey with Elite Signals, which was a small community with a handful of traders. However, over the last few years, Elite Signals grew pretty large with 49,000 traders all over the world profiting more than $5 million.

Elie says that the Elite Signals’ flagship tool, Elite Algo, can help people predict the market better and win about 85% of their trades. This means if you make 20 trades, he says you’ll win 17 of them. But trading is tricky, like gambling, and even the best traders in the world only win about half the time. So, Elie’s claim of an 85% win rate might not be very realistic.

Who Is Elite Signals For And Not For? 

Of course, not everyone is cut out to trade stocks, forex and crypto – so I’d like to go over a few characteristics of each. 

You might be a natural if…

  • You’re Analytical: You’re the type of person who loves going over charts and graphs. 
  • You’re a Risk Taker: You’re an adrenaline junkie and the thought of loss only makes trading that much more exciting. 
  • You’re a Tech Enthusiast: You’re fascinated with blockchain technology and stay up-to-date on all the latest tech trends.

Now, it probably isn’t for you if…

  • You Have Limited Time: Trading can take a lot of your time with research and watching market trends.
  • You Like Simplicity: Trading is complicated with all the terms you need to know and how markets work.
  • You Want Guaranteed Income: You can make big money, but you can also lose big. So if security is an issue, you should pass. 

How much does Elite Signals cost? 

The price tag for Elite Signals is broken down into 2 categories: 

  • Onetime lifetime: $995
  • Recurring: $489.95 / year – $139.95 / 3 months – $67.95 / month

What’s inside the program?

Elite Signals offers… 

  1. Elite Algo and Elite Oscillator: These are special tools that help you make better guesses about when to buy and sell in trading.
  2. Elite Algo Trading Course: A course that teaches you how to use the Elite Algo tool for trading.
  3. Elite Price Action Indicator: Another tool that helps you understand price movements in trading.
  4. Signals for Forex, Stocks, and Options: You get tips on when it might be a good time to buy or sell in these markets.
  5. Crypto and Futures Signals Access: Similar to the above, but these tips are for cryptocurrency and futures trading.
  6. Access to VIP Discord Community: You can join a special online group where you can talk to other traders, get help, learn different trading strategies and read success stories posted on Elite Signals Indicator.
  7. Real-Time Alerts: You get updates and alerts about trading opportunities as they happen.

So, should you get this course? 

I would probably steer clear. That’s not to say that the material isn’t any good or that Elie isn’t a stand up guy, because I’m sure he is. 

I just prefer passive income that’s more stable.  

Which is why I like Digital Leasing. 

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