Ecom Revolution Review (Updated): Is Sebastian Esqueda Legit?

Ecom Revolution is one of the hottest new ecom courses on the market. It’s touted by this guy named Sebastian Esqueda. Sebastian believes that you can still make money with ecommerce in 2023 and beyond! Of course this all comes with your stereotypical marketing and guru “guarantees”. By the end of this short little review you’ll find out how much it costs and if it’s worth your time. Let’s dive into my Ecom revolution review.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Sebastian Esqueda definitely is marketing to the younger crowd. You’ll find that he is extremely popular on YouTube and TikTok with 81,000 subscribers and 40.1k followers respectively. A majority of his content is about dropshipping and how he was personally able to build up his dropshipping business to consistent $100,000+ months as a young guy in his 20s. He’ll occasionally talk about his partnership with Sebastian Ghiorghiu as well.

So what’s the deal? Is this kid legit? Well yeah, of course I think he’s legit. It’s hard to build up that kind of a following by being a fraud…unless you have elitist illumnati ties like some of the other guys out there…but I digress. Sebastian offers some solid advice and good information. In fact, let’s talk a little bit out what you get with his programs.

Intro: I explain the Do’s & Don’ts of dropshipping, how I got started, and things to get you warmed up for the info that will be shared in the program. Shopify Infrastructure: Once you dial in your product, you must build a great website that converts. I cover my blueprint for building out a high converting site, the apps to use, how to optimize your conversion rate and more. “

“Mindset: I go over the exact mindset you must have to win with dropshipping. The business is simple but if you fail in this sector, you will have a hard time making it work. TikTok Ads: The next modules include TikTok product research strategies, TikTok ads strategies, the offers that work on TikTok, diagnosing issues you will run into with TikTok ads and solutions to the issues and more to make sure you have the keys to run a successful business with TikTok ads.”

Sebastian Esqueda Review

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

You’ll also receive: “Product Research: After all of that, I cover the exact ways to find products, product criteria, some of my past winners and more to ensure you have what it takes to find million dollar products. 7 Figure Case Studies: After you learned everything that has to do with dropshipping, it is only right that I share my results and stores. I go over 7 figure stores that I ran, how they worked, exactly how I ran ads and did EVERYTHING because learning from examples is the easiest way to actually learn.”

“Brand Dominance: I also share with you guys the steps to actually grow into a brand that lasts. It is easy to grow a TikTok dropship store but to expand past that is where the real money is made. I provide a blueprint for how you can make your store an established brand that is worth a lot more than a basic dropship store. Stuff Nobody Talks About: I then get into stuff that is rarely covered like credit cards, company structure, hiring VAs, payment processors, custom checkouts, ordering in bulk, private suppliers and more to seal the deal and equip you with the tools needed to make serious cash dropshipping.”

And what do some of his students have to say about the program? Well, not too much aside from seemingly successful screenshots on Sebastians sales page.

Look, I have no REAL beef with Sebastian. But what I do have beef with is the dropshipping business model. It’s just not what it once was. For example, it’s extremely competitive these days for 2 main reasons. 1, programs like these have been out for over a decade now. 2, Chinese wholesalers are wrecking the industry by cutting out the aspiring middlemen like you! One may even wonder if this is the reason why Sebastian pushes his program so much…

Oh yeah and how much does that program cost? He’s pretty transparent about it. Ecom Revolution cost $1997. It is unclear whether or not a refund policy is in place. If it were my money? I’d probably give it a pass…dropshipping just has too many hurdles to get over these days. I prefer something with a stronger chance for success and better profit margins…something like this.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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