Faceless YouTube Channel Ideas (Updated): Is David Omari Legit?

Have you thought about starting a faceless youtube channel, but don’t know which niche to go into? You’re in the right place. David Omari believes he’s got ya covered. His first recommendation is sports, you just can’t go wrong given the audience size and how many people are passionate about it. There’s always a ton of traffic to be had in the NFL, NBA, Soccer, etc.

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Another great thing about the sports niche is you don’t have to create any “viral” ideas. All you have to do is find the viral moment that everyone is talking about that day and give your own reaction, voice over, graphics, etc to Steph Curry dunking on Lebron. And since you’re targeting primarily children and young adults, you’ll have a higher CPM…which means you get more of that ad revenue you’re after.

Another booming niche is gaming. You’ve heard of e-sports going mainstream right? Exactly. Not to mention that’s where David himself got started. “The reason why gaming’s so cool for the faceless side of YouTube,” he explains, “is because, by default, you never have to show your face with gaming content. Just get some way to record your game play, break it down in your editor, and upload it to your YouTube channel. And you’ll start getting views from there. For whatever reason, people love watching video game content on YouTube.”

“YouTube is so big when it comes to gaming videos that they actually have their own section on the platform that is strictly for gaming,” David continues. “So, this is a really great niche. It has a really large audience. And there are so many different games to choose from. It gives you variety. You’re not just stuck creating videos about one thing. And if you don’t wanna create the gaming content yourself, you could do a compilation video of the most viral gaming footage that’s already out there.”

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The third niche you might wanna look into is celebrities. Now sure, there might be a bunch of channels like these already, but you know what they say…there’s no such thing as too much gossip. You’re able to do exactly what these other channels are doing, just from your own unique perspective. You can talk about Snookie from Jersey Shore, Kim K, or even Hunter Biden…actually scratch the last one…the tech lords might suppress your content. Anyway, just focus on mimicking the competitions upload schedule, video length, thumbnail, and title.

The Fourth niche you might wanna look into is the top 10 niche. Top 10 most expensive cars, top 10 richest celebrities, top 10 cheeseburgers, top 10 ice cream, top 10 basketball players of all time. You get the idea haha. This niche is great because you’re not limited at all by any specific category like if you were to make a celebrity channel for example where you’re tied down to just that category. With top 10’s you can venture just about anywhere.

Lastly David recommends the luxury niche. People always wanna visit the nicest places, nicest restaurants, dopest hotels, and have the coolest shoes. Not to mention the nicest houses and boats. Unlike the top 10 niche though, you do wanna pick one area and focus on that though. Like maybe you wanna go deep into mansions or cars. You’ll get more traction that way according to David. So there you have it, you’re top 5 list of Faceless YouTube Channel Ideas.

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