Mikkelsen Twins – Are They Legit Or Fake? (Update): The War On Your Wallet!

Of course Christian and Rasmus Mikkelsen are real. It’s not like they’re CGI or robots like Eminem. Ok, but just because they’re human, does that mean you can trust them and buy their Audiobook Income Academy course? Or should you avoid it since they don’t really show you all their own audiobooks making passive income? Cuz that’s the vibe I get from their YouTube ads, they say anyone can do it and still make money online, but why are the pushing their coaching program instead? Scroll down for my full Mikkelsen Twins review.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

If you search for the Mikkelsen twins on Audible, you’ll not find a single thing under Christian Mikkelsen or Rasmus Mikkelsen. Pretty surprising since they were mentioned in Forbes. So what’s up with that? Are they fake gurus? Well on explanation might be that Christian did say he got banned a while back (hmm and he wants us to follow his training that might lead to the same thing?) so even if he wanted to login and publish audiobooks, he couldn’t.

Another reason is that after Audiobook Income Academy added a crap ton of students, they didn’t really have time to work on the publishing side anymore. So their only focus now is selling new students into AIA and making sure they make money. Third, they just don’t really care. They did it back in the day, it worked then and still works now, all that matters are their students, right?

I mean it kinda makes sense. You don’t see NBA coaches out there on the court dunking it left and right do ya? Exactly, and it doesn’t make them any worse of a coach for it. Additionally, Christian and Rasmus have hired other coaches to help out in their group who also have audiobook businesses they’re building. So that should give some credence in your eyes to them, even if they’re not showing you their money.

Christian Mikkeslen Review

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Not shying away from that objection, AIA coach Alex Kerr said, “That’s not how it works. I put in a lot of hard work to build the business and I’m not gonna give somebody the opportunity to extract my energy from the stuff that I built just by copying me. My job as a coach is to make you successful. And one thing I noticed early on when I started coaching is the ones who took up all my time, they all disappeared. They all quit. And the ones who were the least needy, they’re all successful now. Bottom line, if you knew what I was publishing, it would not benefit you.”

“You’re not here to create a money printing scheme, you’re here to build a business,” he continues. “And businesses require hard work. Some people complain, like, ‘Is it really gonna take six months?’ Yes. Yes, it will. And let me tell ya, six months is fast. If you played a sport or learned an instrument when you were growing up, you’ll know six months is nothing. So why would your expectations for building your audiobook business be any different? This is a skill. It’s gonna take some time.”

Look, I see where they’re coming from. But it all seems like a whole lotta deflection to me. Like when politicians don’t answer your question and try to spin it back on you. At the end of the you’d think Rasmus, Alex, and Daniel Locke (AIA coach) could spare at least 1 audiobook they published that was profitable. Surely they could show one to the students (who yes might copy and saturate it) but supposedly they are make so much money on others it shouldn’t matter right? I’m just saying it’d be easier to believe them if I saw an actual audiobook of theirs that was making money each month, that’s all.

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