Ecommerce Scaling Secrets Review (Updated): Is Alex Fedotoff The Real Deal?

There’s a Forbes article out there (that he may or may not have paid for) calling him the “King of Facebook ads”. I’m talking about Alex Fedotoff of course. But can you really trust Forbes anymore with their endorsements? How about this Alex guy? Is he telling the truth about his big bucks bulletproof method for ecommerce? He says the trick is having high margins so you have space to run ads and still be insanely profitable. Scroll down for my full Ecommerce Scaling Secrets review.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

“Personally, I’m looking for at least $30 gross profit margin,” Alex states. “And then another thing is the product needs to be easy and light to ship. If it’s heavy, if it’s fragile, and it’s coming all the way from China in a package, there’s a very high chance that it will break. But when you choose small, light, durable products, you don’t run into these issues. And even if there’s an increase in shipping rates, it still won’t significantly affect your profit margins.” So I understand that much, but how do you come across them?

Alex uses both free and paid tools. He’s not a cheap skate, he just uses whatever he thinks he needs to get the job done. He encourages the use of the FB ad library. It’s absolutely free and you can spy on the best ecom sellers and dropshippers. If they’ve ran the same ad for a long time, that probably means it’s profitable. Then all you have to do is click through to their landing page, reverse engineer it, and dial things up a bit to get the same or better results your self.

When it comes to the paid stuff, a software called Minea is at the top of his list. It shows you the “top 10 winning products of the day” and then shows you which social media platform that product is having success on. You’re also able to see who’s spending the most money, who’s getting the most comments, likes, shares, etc. Alex isn’t super competitive though, he likes taking a product that doesn’t have many competitors and owning that space.

Alex Fedotff Review

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

And check out this secret hack: When you are doing all this product research, actually place the products in your cart. You don’t have to actually buy them, but the algorithm will know that you are interested in those types of products, so you’ll get more and more ads for these types of products. What’s that mean? You have a whole bunch of free product ideas consistently thrown your way with very little brainpower. Just be sure to take notes on what works.

Anything else? Well honestly just some good ole’ fashioned common sense. Ask yourself a couple questions about the product. Does it solve a problem? Do people need this problem solves as soon as possible? Is the product valuable in their eyes? Can you get people in an emotional state to buy (slimy, but necessary)? Can people buy in store (ideally no)? How much does it cost for you to get it? How much can you sell it for? Does it have a margin of at least $30? You get the idea…

Super Secret Hack: When you’ve decided on the product, order it. Note the order number. Then after a few days, order it again…note that number as well. If that number is 300 higher than your first, that means they sold 300 more units in just a few days. This hack will show you how much potential the product has to sell at scale. If you want more info from Alex himself, check out his Ecommerce Scaling Secrets and Brand Builders Academy course. He charges anywhere from a couple hundred bucks for his basic courses to more than $10,000 for his higher level mentorship program.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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