Life On Fire Business Review (Updated): Are Nick And Megan Unsworth Actually Worthy?

Honestly, something just rubs me the wrong way about these guys. Their Life On Fire Business Coaching comes off as an inauthentic “Since our love for Jesus and your love for Jesus form a holy trifecta, shouldn’t your wallet contribute to the cause?”

Don’t worry, I’ll dive into this…

Nick says that God has given everyone special gifts and skills. And you have a message that needs to get out there.

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Because of that, he thinks that now is the perfect time for you to unleash your potential and live a full and happy life on fire.

And how does he want you to unleash it? He thinks you should be a speaker, author, or coach. He believes it’s the fastest way to earn the money you want while also being able to further Gods kingdom on earth.

Your first step will be to give in to their “give first” business model…Which basically means pay them to teach you up front…

The next thing you’ll need to do is write a best selling book. And if you can’t do that, become a reporter and interview a bunch of famous people and experts. Then you can make a book out of that. Of course, they fail to mention how hard it will be for a regular person like us to get all these connections…

The third step is speaking. If you can’t write the book, you should try hopping on zooms and podcasts to tell the story about your life.

And then there’s selling your coaching. You’ve gotta take a lot of cool vacations and take lots of selfies, that way you can post them to sell even more coaching for the “dream lifestyle” of the people you’re trying sell that dream to. Nick and Megan are pretty freaking good at this themselves might I add.

When you pay them first, and then your become an author, speaker, or coach, you’ll witness a kind of a multiplication effect of where your value and business will grow faster than Nick can say “God’s Plan”. Of course that’s what they want you to believe anyway…”Pay us and you’ll be rich eventually!”

Now for the rapport building. Nick and Megan claim they’ve tried everything under the sun like you may have. Things like MLM’s, Real Estate, Local Businesses…they claim to have tried eleven different businesses all over a 10 year period and just kept failing.

Nick And Megan Unsworth Reviews

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They say it got pretty bad at one point. They were over $100k in debt and Nick was personally considering the unalive route.

How’d it all turn around?

Nick took a loan out on some money and decided to pay a coach that would show him how to make all that money back and then some…which is what he’s about to ask you.

They basically want you to start your own digital business where you sell one on one coaching and help someone reach their burning desire.

Nick then asks a “hypothetical” question: Would you invest 20k if you knew over 12 months you’d earn 100k back and even more after that?

And there he says “if that’s a yes, book a call with Megan and I on our calendar”.

Yeah…I’m gonna pass on the booking. I think you should too. I’m not gonna personally promote this. Hear me out…

There’s a lot to NOT like about what they’re offering.

For one, I hate that they’re using religion and God to lower your guard and to trust them. They want you to fake til you make it. And sure, those are my words. But seriously, are we all gonna deny that that isn’t exactly what they’re doing?

And you bet your butt I don’t like the fact it costs $20k and that Nick wants to say “It’s ok you’ll for sure make it back like I did.” That just reeks of credit card debt to me.

Plus, how many coaches can the internet really support. I mean let’s be real, big picture here, it’s essentially one giant pyramid scheme right?

In the ad, Nick Unsworth says that 2,551 people have joined. He doesn’t mention a success rate or even success stories, and if his results were so good, wouldn’t everyone bought people’s courses for 20k right about now?

Now sure, that’ll never happen because most people fail and won’t have a successful business. And sure, most fail at any business regardless of the model. But still it’s worth noting.

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John Reed: As a fellow patriot who’s disillusioned with the 9-5 “American Dream”, I’ve grown to loathe the self-help and “guru” industry.
And here’s what pisses me off about the industry.