Pay Per Click Maverick Reviews (Updated): Is Tom Gaddis Offline Sharks Legit?

You may have seen Tom Gaddis and Nick Ponte in one of their most recent Facebook ads low key showing off their Two Comma Club plaques for making over a million bucks in their Offline Sharks business. In this ad they talk about how they made $5,000 last month just by doing “this one simple service from home”. What is it? What do you get inside? And how much does it cost? Scroll down for my full Pay Per Click Maverick review.

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“Over the last 30 days, our agency has made $24,699.47,” Tom boasts. “And it’s all from this one service. And now, Nick, myself, and our good friend Brandon Spears have collaborated on something so big, so potentially life-changing, I get excited just thinking about it. We know you’re going to love it. So if you’re ready to take your marketing agency to the next level, and you want a marketing service that produces instant results, that practically takes a client’s breath away?”

“And if you’ve been client-less for an embarrassingly long period of time?” Tiggidy continues. “Then pay very close attention to what I’m about to reveal. Aloha! In case you don’t know, I’m Tom Gaddis from Offline Sharks and Remote Millionaires. Along with my business partner Nick Ponte, we teach local marketers how to find, help, and profit from local businesses. And, let’s face it, that means Google. To almost everyone, Google is the internet. Yes, for today and for the foreseeable future, we’re focusing on Google.”

Tom continues to explain that if small business owners aren’t actually showing up on Google in a meaningful way…they’re pretty much ghosts because their best customers aren’t going to be able to see them. Let’s be real: unless you were referred to a company by a friend you trusted, odds are you’re just gonna go to google and see who pops up first at the top right? And if they have half way decent reviews, you’re calling them huh?

Tom Gaddis Review

The Only Solution

“Now look,” Tom says. “I know it’s not fair, but local businesses need to play the hand they were dealt. This whole thing started with our own search for how to use PPC and Google ads to build our local business. While Google ads worked, we didn’t want the hit-or-miss results we’d been experiencing. And we wanted something that wasn’t this complicated, PhD-level approach, either. We’re pretty simple guys. Luckily, we ran into someone who many consider a guru when it comes to Google ads: Brandon Spears.”

Then they hired Brandon for their Google ads. Their ROI skyrocketed and Nick and Tom couldn’t be more happy. His approach led to more leads and bottom line revenue. Now he’s a part of their Sharks team so he serves as an advisor to other students.

So after they tested and refined Brandon’s ppc strategy a bit, Nick and Tom have basically a foolproof way of landing new clients easily. No longer do Google ads have to be a long grueling process. This strategy will have business owners competing to have you work with them. You’ll figure out the how and why in their Pay Per Click Maverick mini course. It’s just $17. Not too shabby. However, you can bet your bottom dollar that their are gonna be upsells after that to the tune of hundreds and potentially thousands of dollars.

The Only Solution

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