Elite Closers Review (Updated): Is Gentry Chidester Legit?

Gentry Chidester may sound familiar because he is Tanner Chidester’s brother. Online, Tanner has been known as one of those many gurus that just sell a bunch of get rich quick courses. Is Gentry the same as his brother? We’ll figure that one out. His story starts out with him making 2-4k per month and now making over 40k. He says he can show you how he did it without you needing any prior experience. Hmmm will it require you to join a $10,000 coaching program too?

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Maybe, I mean that’s how Gentry went from selling Comcast and solar panels to earning 100k+ from big bro. And he’s already paid for a couple puff pieces that totally back up his story, so you can 100% believe him ya know? “I’ll never forget my brother coming to visit me,” Gentry recalls, “and we’re driving around in my rusty Honda Civic, and he tells me about inbound closing. ‘This is the closest thing to CEO pay you’ll ever get,’ he says. And I was open to being coached, so I listened to him.”

“It’s very important that we find people in our life to listen to, that we find mentors,” he continues, ignoring the blatant nepotism. “But once he approached me, the obvious question is, Why would he offer me this position? Well, business owners have multiple things on their plate. Marketing, sales, team management, legal, client fulfillment, taxes, and more. And as they grow the business, they start to run out of time. And sales eats up the most time, right?”

“If they have eight sales calls lined up, that’s eight hours of their day. So they’re gonna look for people who can come in and not just perform that role, but maybe even do it better than them. And with my sales background—in solar and with Comcast—my brother Tanner saw an opportunity for me. And this leads me to remote closing, okay? This isn’t like door-to-door selling or car sales or cold calling or anything like that. I’ve done tons of sales jobs and this is by far the best.”

Gentry Chidester Review

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

The first reason is that you’re only getting warm leads and people that know what you’re offering. Two, it’s a remote gig, you can do this anywhere that you have cell service. Three, you don’t have to worry about hard selling. All you gotta do is answer their questions, tell them what they’ll get, and if they think it’s a good fit, you’ll handle payment and get them in the program.

Honestly, all that is tighter than Tanners pants. I bet ya $100 that Gentry has to help his brother out of those each night. But yeah, basically you’ll find any random guru that is selling one of those overpriced multi-thousand dollar programs, hop on the phone with people who are interested, get them to max out 3 credit cards and a 401k to join and then you’ll get your 20 pieces of silver…I mean 10-15% commission…

All you gotta do is sell one $10k program a day and you’ll be getting $1,000 per day minimum. Of course to get into this space, you’ll have to buy in and get trained by Gentry in elite closers. He has plenty of texts and screenshots to show you that it works. But how much does it cost? You’ll have to hop on a phone with his team for that one. You’ll need to buy in yourself before you’re qualified to get a whole bunch of others to buy in. But frankly I wouldn’t…you can already tell I’m not the biggest fan of these guys.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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