VestorPro Reviews (Updated): Are Glenn And Amber Schworm Legit?

According to Glenn Schworm says building wealth is all about having the right vehicle to get you there. And in his opinion, it’s real estate.

And if you’re already paying rent or a mortgage he’s gonna burst your bubble…you’re already in it! Just on the wrong side.

He and Amber want to introduce you to that other side and show you how you can start making big money in real estate.

The Only Solution

Let’s face it. Whatever you’re doing right now is just not giving you that time freedom or financial freedom that you’re after. Unless you’re somehow making bank as an influencer, in which case you go bro.

But for all you other normies like me, wanna see what it takes to earn 100k by flipping just 2 houses in 12 months?

What about learning how to earn 10k per month is passive income within just 2 years?

If that’s a yes from you, the Schworms think that they’ve got ya covered.

So why get into flipping in the first place? Well honestly, it’s the entry point of real estate as a whole. By flipping homes you’ll get a good idea of how to find off market deals, fund them, hire contractors, and make those big bucks. Plus, let’s not forget about all the relationships you’re gonna build along the way.

And after you finish flipping your first two homes, you get to move on to the second phase.

And what is that? Holding properties for long term residual income of course. Glenn and Amber never recommend you being the actual land lord though.

Honestly I think the approach makes sense and probably leads to less overall stress.

But why listen to them instead of some other real estate guru? Well according to Glenn, you want to be taught by someone who’s had the nearly 30 years of experience like them. These two have survived the crashes and the recessions and still have come out on top.

Whereas, the 29-year-old bro who made $1 million with Airbnb arbitrage two years ago while the market was hot – and has really only sold his coaching program ever since? What’s he know about today’s turbulent economy?

Now compare that to the young gun 25 yr old homie who made a milly with Air BNB two years ago when the market flourished and has only sold his course since. Do you think he really has enough experience to teach you what to do during a housing marketing collapse?

I seriously doubt it.

Amber Schworm Reviews

The Only Solution

“So when finding a mentor,” Glenn recaps, “make sure you’re choosing someone who really knows what they’re doing in all market cycles. Someone who’s truly here to help you and who has the experience to back you up. And that’s Amber and I.”

One of the couples goals to personally inspire more than 10 million folks to live life without financial worries.

Awww, that’s cute…totally realistic too…

Glenn does drop some facts though. For example, he’s forthcoming and says that he knows that money doesn’t make you happier. But he does know that not having enough of it makes life a bit harder than it needs to be. If you’re paycheck to paycheck, odds are you don’t have that much time to work on yourself and breathe a little bit.

Just imagine what your life might look like if you have a bunch of money and a bunch of time. What would something like that look like for you?

Glenn and Amber have been in the game for well over a decade now. They first started coaching back in 2009 and have trained 10s of thousands of students since then.

Several of their students end up making $100k in their first year. A majority of them often have no experience, no money, and low credit scores yet become a successful real estate investor.

Glenn and Ambers’ VestorPro MVP Coaching Programs has all the tools, support, real estate training, and systems you need to find profitable properties and earn your way towards time and financial independence and become successful real estate investors.

However, the only downside is that you’ll have to hop on a phone call with them to figure out how much it’ll all cost. It’s probably one of those high pressure closing programs in the real estate market.

No thanks, I’ll stick to digital leasing instead, it’s way easier.

The Only Solution

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