Cleaning Business University Review (Updated): Are Anthony And Jhanilka Hartzog Legit?

Anthony and Jhanilka Hartzog are the latest of the power couples who want to show you how to start your own multi million dollar company. In this case, a cleaning business.

But before you get all proud and say something like “you couldn’t pay me enough to scrub toilets” here them out…you won’t be doing any of that. Instead, you’ll be hiring people to do the actual dirty work.

Now don’t click that back button just yet, let’s dive into the details.

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The goal of Cleaning Business University is to show you how to build your own remote cleaning business up to $10,000 per month.

The claim is that it can happen for you in just 90 days.

All without physically cleaning anything yourself…

“Guaranteed,” says Anthony. “Or we will work with you until you do?”

Here we go again…

These coaches all act like their guarantee actually means something. At the end of the day, if you’re not making money at that 90 day mark, doesn’t it make more sense for them to just give you a refund?

Jhanilka then starts to explain the 4 Key Results they aim to give you with Cleaning Business University.

The first result is building up a solid foundation for your remote cleaning business.

They supposedly have over 2000 students who’ve done this process and have learned exactly how to structure it from scratch.

These are simple things like listing your services, determining pricing, researching your competition, and everything else you need to properly launch.

The second result they aim to give you is teaching you how to hire the right people for your biz.

Personally, Anthony and Jhanilka interview around 100 people per month. They know exactly where to look and exactly what types of qualities in people that will make the job a good fit.

They’ll give you all their hiring cleaners contracts, interview scripts, and process to make the right hire for you. And if anything goes wrong, it’s likely that the person just isn’t the right fit.

The third thing they’ll give you is their proven lead generation system. You’ll get access to all their marketing materials, competitor research, ads, sales scripts, and even website layout. They add that their website gets 20,000 clicks per month too.

Anthony And Jhanilka Hartzog

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Finally, Cleaning Business University will give you all of their systems they use in their own business so your biz runs as smooth as possible.

The power couple wants to make this as easy as possible for you. Ideally, the most work you put in each day is just using your laptop to check over a few things here and there to make sure there are no hiccups.

“By the end of this process, you will have a $10k per month remote cleaning business,” Anthony says, doubling down on the quasi-guarantee. “And if you don’t, we will work with you until you do.”

I’m still wondering where this confidence comes from. It’s not like they know us.

Apparently it comes from the fact that their students have collectively done $8,000,000 in cleaning services the last three years.

Worried it might not work for you and your location? CBU has businesses in 35 states so far, and they’ve had no issues.

Of course, like all the other programs out there, you don’t need any prior skills or experience.

All you need to do is be coachable.

The program used to be $1,497 according to some older marketing material. But today they really push you towards a sales call with one of their sales guys. I’d wager that it’s 5k minimum now…

And look, while I believe Anthony and his wife are great people, I have some concerns…

I’ve reviewed like a crap ton of these “start a remote cleaning business” courses just this month alone. Doesn’t all the logic say that if theres thousands of successful students in each of these programs that all these new students are going to be fighting for scraps with their own cleaning businesses?

Plus, why worry about going brick and mortar with all the hassle of physical cleaning supplies, startup costs, and employees when you can make more money online, by yourself, for just the $11 a domain costs?

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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