The Hatch Method Review (Updated): Is Jake Hatch The Best Ecommerce Coach?

You may have started seeing this Jake Hatch guy starting to run ads to his ecommerce coaching offer.

Personally I came across him one day on Instagram. Those big tech algorithms just must know that I’m always looking for different ways to make money online…

…and to review people who might be a tad bit scummy…

So what’s the deal here?

Is Jake Hatch and his Hatch Method the real deal?

Keep reading for my full review!

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

I’ll be honest folks I think this guy is fairly new to the whole coaching game so I can’t exactly give it a glowing recommendation.


Well look, a quick look on his website tells ya all we really need to know. It’s clean and crisp with smooth colors sure…but it’s basically templated.

I’ve seen this same guru course layout a million times before this guy…It’s almost like the guru’s themselves have guru’s teaching them how to be gurus and sell them their own cookie cutter websites…

But I digress.

Jake only has 4 testimonials on his website. For someone that’s built 5, 7 figure ecommerce stores himself I’d figure he’d have wayyy more success stories.

In my opinion, the only way that’s justifiable is if he’s that new in the coaching space…and if he is…do you really want to be a guinea pig?

I’d be voting a no on that one…

How Much Does The Hatch Method Cost

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Anyways just because someones new doesn’t mean we shouldn’t give him the benefit of the doubt.

Let’s say you or I were interested (as unlikely as that is) and we were wondering how much the Hatch Method costs? I think we’d be in for a pleasant surprise.

The Hatch Method has 3 different options to choose from.

The first one is called “stage 1” and this is basically just a video based program with no real coaching from Jake himself. It costs $995 and the goal is to help you scale to $1,000 per day on your store.

The next one is called “stage 2” and the goal of this one is to help you scale to $1M per year…I’d say that’s a pretty big jump from just $1k per day wouldn’t you?

Anyway stage 2 cost’s $2995 and you’ll learn the in depth marketing knowledge Jake used to personally scale to $1M per year.

Lastly you have his “one on one” coaching option. He claims that there is only an 8% acceptance rate…but I kinda call BS. Most of the times gurus are pulling their close rate numbers to make it look scarce.

The truth is that most times only 8% of people have the means to be able to join and take a chance on something like this.

Regardless, this one on one coaching offer does not have its price listed…you’d have to apply and get on a phone call for that.

My guess? You’re easily looking at around $10,000 if not more for everything he’s claiming to offer.

If it were up to me and I had to make a decision today, I just wouldn’t join or take the chance.

Simple fact of the matter is that ecommerce is just wayyy to competitive these days and anyone who was once good at it are now making their exit and moving more into coaching.

So if even the gurus are making their exit…what does that tell you?

If you’re looking to get involved with something less saturated and with “gurus” who actually still practice what they preach…you might wanna take a look at my solution down below!

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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