Headhunters Academy Review (Update 2024): Is Jonathan Kirchner Legit?

You might like a career as a headhunter or recruiter for the chance to have a huge impact on individuals’ careers and company success. It gives you the chance to become a key player in shaping the workforce of your business, and matching talent with opportunities where they can do well.

The satisfaction of knowing you’ve helped someone land their dream job or helped a company find the perfect candidate for a crucial role can be really rewarding.

Also, the field offers incredible variety and challenge; no two days are the same.

You’ll engage with people from all different backgrounds and industries, keeping you from being bored. Also, the role promises excellent growth opportunities.

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As you develop your skills in identifying talent, negotiating, and understanding market trends, you can advance to more senior roles within recruitment or HR, making it a career with a bright future.

But you could run into a lot of frustrations with this line of work, such as:

  • High Competition: If you’re looking for the right person for the job, you could run into a lot of competition which means that person could get multiple offers and that could make it difficult to convince them to go with you.
  • Changing Requirements: Your company could change up their requirements at a moment’s notice in the middle of the search which means sending you back to square one with a whole new pool of candidates.
  • Communication Delays: A pet peeve of many headhunters is waiting to hear back from the company and/or the candidate. Delays like this can throw a huge monkey wrench in the recruitment process and be a big roadblock if you need to move quickly.

So should you try your hand at headhunting?

That’s what we’re going to cover in this Headhunters Academy Review.

What Is Headhunters Academy All About?

Headhunters Academy is a special course created by Jonathan Kirchner. It’s for people who want to learn how to find the best workers for companies. 

This school teaches you how to match people with jobs that pay them a lot of money. You don’t need to own anything or know anything from the start. 

They will teach you everything step by step. 

At this academy, you get to watch a free class, read Jonathan’s material, and if you want, you can upsell to a more thorough course that teaches you more. Jonathan helps you one-on-one, which means he gives you personal help. 

You also get to join a group of people who are learning just like you. This is good because you can make new friends and learn together. 

The best part is, you only need a phone and a computer to do this job. You can help companies find the employees they need and make a lot of money doing it. If you like talking to people and are tech savvy, this might be a fun job for you.

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Who Is Jonathan Kirchner?

Jonathan Kirchner is someone who knows a lot about finding the right people for jobs in big companies. Before he started Headhunters Academy in 2019, Jonathan was really good at finding top people for jobs himself. 

He also started a company called JobFuture.ai, which got a special award from ClickFunnels because it did so well. 

Jonathan went to school where he learned a lot about ancient studies and also studied the Bible and theology. He likes to share what he knows with others, which is why he started a podcast and has a YouTube channel where more than 3,950 people listen to what he has to say. Jonathan worked hard to learn and share his knowledge, making him someone many people look up to in his field.

How Much Does It Cost?

I’m not able to find anything on Jonathan’s site or anywhere else where he talks about the price of the course.  You’ll need to schedule a call with one of his coaches for that information. 

What Do You Get With The Program?

Here’s a quick snapshot of what you’ll get in his course… 

    • Free Masterclass: Learn three ways to match jobs and people without spending a lot. 
    • eBook: A book with six chapters on finding jobs for people using your computer. 
  • Two-Phase Course:
    • Phase 1 teaches you how to find one person a job quickly. 
    • Phase 2 shows how to grow your job-finding business by hiring a team. 
  • One-on-One Help: Get personal advice from Jonathan, the person who started Headhunters Academy. 
  • Community: Talk and share tips with other people learning to find jobs for others. 
  • Tools and Documents: Get everything you need, like contracts, to start finding jobs for people.

Are There Better Ways To Make Money In 2024? 

I don’t think I would do well in an environment where you’re always trying to find the right person for the job.  

After all, it’s still a regular 9-5 job, and I made it a point to never get sucked into those again. 

So, I’m thinking I would have to pass. 

Besides, what I’m doing right now (Digital Leasing) is far and away better than anything else I’ve ever done. 

In a way it’s like headhunting, but instead of finding people to work for businesses, I’m finding people who need the services these businesses offer.  

It’s a bit of a twist… but I’m making a lot more money than I could dream of. 

If you’d like to learn more about why this is my #1 recommendation, please click the button below. 

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024