High Ticket Affiliate Review (Updated): Is James Sanders Legit?

You probably saw a Facebook ad promoting this thing called High Ticket Affiliate and decided to do some research, and that’s what landed you here. You’re probably wondering if this thing is legit, or just another one of those cookie cutter programs that ultimately leaves you a bit underwhelmed. Scroll down for my full High Ticket Affiliate review.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

“Here’s a simple side hustle that can earn you $300 per day over the next 30 days. All you need is just 2 hours a day and a phone. You might want to save this video for later.” Yeah I highly doubt that mr. stache man. “This is how you do it. Go to amazon.com. and click ‘become an affiliate’. Focus on any of these categories: Health, Beauty, Electronics, Sport, and Home and Outdoors.” He kinda just lost all credibility right there with me, but I’ll explain why later on.

Next he shows you how he does it…he goes to Amazon and finds a product in any one of those categories. In his example, he uses an outdoor furniture product. Then he saves the same exact image, goes over to Pinterest, sets up a business account, posts the product picture, copies the product description from Amazon, and has chatgpt rewrite it and then boom, published.

Then without further ado, he tells you to click his link down below to learn more. So I did, but before I tell what the real low down is about this program, let’s talk a little bit more about those categories he mentioned earlier. All of those categories are extremely competitive. And sure, while there is the potential to make $300 per day with those categories it is highly unlikely…especially within a 30 day time period. Why?

Is Jason Sanders Legit

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Because of the competition! Amazon is the big platform right? That’s where a lot of the eyes are. It takes big money to succeed on there. Is that problem solved with Pinterest? Absolutely not. For one thing, Pinterest isn’t really a sales driven platform. It’s more art based. Secondly, you’ll have to run ads just to promote the product you’re an affiliate of.

This means you’ll be severely limited to what you can spend to maintain some sort of profitability. Why? Because you’re just an affiliate. You’ll get a small percentage of the overall sales price. For example let’s say you are promoting a $300 product. You might get 10% if you’re lucky. That’s just $30…just imagine how many products you’ll have to sell just to afford to keep promoting on ads each month. Exactly.

Now here’s the best part. This guy isn’t even really teaching you anything. His landing page actually directs you straight Dave Sharpes Legendary Marketer! So really, this guy isn’t making money off of Amazon & Pinterest affiliate marketing, he’s really making his money by being an affiliate of Legendary Marketer! Yep, I’m out! See you guys next week!

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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