Honest FBA Review (Updated): Are Alex And Tom Legit?

Alex starts off the short little video on their website checking your expectations. He says that when you start an Amazon FBA business that you shouldn’t expect to be driving around in a Lambo anytime soon. It’s not the passive income, get rich quick scheme, you may have been sold to by other gurus. From the jump, he has some of my respect for his honesty. But that doesn’t mean we should trust everything he has to say. Scroll down for my full Honest FBA review.

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He continues in their intro video and says how they started their Amazon FBA business 2 years ago and that in 2022 they are on pace for a six-figure profit. I assume this video must have been made in early 2022…slightly outdated considering it’s half-way through 2023…Anyway, the next red flag I get is that they did this in just 2 years supposedly. How do we know they didn’t just get lucky?

Back to the video. Alex passes it off to Tom. He addresses the main objection most have: “Isn’t Amazon FBA saturated?”. He gives a classic guru response: “not if you do it right”. And with that, we move into both of them pitching their program as a solution. They start walking you through what you’ll get with their program.

“You’ll get what’s working on Amazon today” they say. “You’ll get access to a full case study” says Tom. At this point it’s really starting to feel like that stereotypical guru pitch for a video training program that’s only slightly unique with different mouthpieces spreading the same message.

Alex And Tom Review

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

This next part is a little unique, but equally as disappointing in my opinion. Alex starts to mention all the other programs and companies that they are partnered with. What this tells me is that they’re using their program to further line their pockets with affiliate deals from these other companies. Not just getting money out of you once, but over and over and over again. This is known to most as upselling…and if you’ve experienced it yourself already, you know how much it sucks.

So how much does this all cost? Well the entry level is just $1500. This option gives you 150+ videos, calculators, and lifetime access. The next option is called “Scale” and this is where you receive group coaching and livestreams twice per week. The last option is “Scale +” this option gives you everything from Scale, with this addition of weekly 1 on 1 calls with Alex and Tom plus 24/7 messaging access.

No word on how much scale and scale + cost. I would assume scale is in the $5-7K range while something that offers 1 on 1 action is probably $15k+. And as you might imagine…that’s just for the course. That doesn’t include the $5,000 in inventory you’ll have to buy or the other $2-3k you’ll have to spend in ads to try and drive sales. Don’t even get me started on Amazon SEO. Ultimately, Alex and Tom are pretty good guys. I’d certainly have a beer with them. But I just don’t think Amazon FBA is the most cost efficient option anymore. I’d rather have a low competition, high margin business. Which is exactly why you should see my solution below.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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