House Stacking Review (Updated): Are Roy Hoss and Rin Legit?

Roy Hoss might be telling you that sure, we’re in a recession, and yes…it’s gonna get worse. But don’t you worry cuz now is the best time to get into real estate.

In fact, Roy himself signed the dotted line on 77 properties last year using his secret system

All with basically no money down most of the time.

I’m sure that all got you curious, scroll down for my full House Stacking Review.

The Only Solution

His business partner is Rin Kay and this dude is a wiz in analytics. In fact, that’s what he has his PhD in. Pretty impressive I guess.

So with that said, the average House Stacking student uses both of the mentors and their systems to help get a cash flowing property in their name within just 90 days of joining the program.

Of course their marketing says that you can do the EXACT same, but you’ll need to wait at least 12 months just in case.

So instead of just jumpin’ into real estate on your own and wasting potentially thousands of dollars and countless hours, why not just use Roy and Rin’s cheat codes to gain the advantage no one else has?

Cuz it’s pretty clear Roy and Rin know what’s up.

Of course this all does seem a little TOO easy…

I don’t know, maybe it’s the way they cheaped out on their ad by hiring some guy to do a voice over of the presentation that says stuff like “Roy and Rin are the creators of this brand-new Remote Cash Flow Real Estate System that is quickly changing the landscape of real estate.”

It’s like all those old cringey infomercials.

Alright, moving on.

Roy and Rin claim that this little system has helped their customers earn 6, 7, and even 8 figures in their portfolio’s all while allowing them to have the passive income to live their dream lifestyle.

Right…where have we heard a pitch like this before?

To be honest, finding these types of properties is really tough. And with todays interest rates, getting the cash is even harder. The pitch continues.

A lot of newbie investors fail to launch properly.

It could be lack of due diligence, or that they got shot down from getting a bank loan so hard that it felt like I was back in my college days watching guys get shot down trying to land chicks at the bar; or maybe they got liquidated their assets to get a property, but plateaued altogether.

Roy Hoss Review

The Only Solution

Fear not, says the voice actor. “This new, little-known Remote Cash Flow Real Estate System is a shortcut around all that.”

Roy and Rin claim they’ve already done all the hard, time consuming part of the process for you. Instead of just teaching you what they do, they actually hand you their complete plug and chug system.

Here are the advantages:

  • Find cash flowing properties that have instant equity built in.
  • Grow your portfolio month after month.
  • Work from anywhere in the world – it’s 100% remote.
  • No dealing with banks.
  • Don’t need your own cash or credit.
  • Work less than five hours per week.
  • Spend more time with the fam or doing things you love.

I’m gonna be real with ya chief…it sounds a little too good to be true.

When Rin and Roy came across this system they were “shocked”. They didn’t think it could possibly hold up. So over the course of a year they acquired 77 properties with it and nearly no money down.

After they decided to bring their system public, their clients were getting very similar results

They believe it’s your turn to cash in on all this.

House Stacking wants to help average investors like you absolutely crush it with real estate.

Yikes…sounds like you’ll be having to cold call pissed off and struggling home owners to offer them some kind of “creative financing” to land a deal you couldn’t even hope to get otherwise.

How much does the House Stacking course cost? Probably a couple G’s.

The pitch definitely fell flat on its face for me. It just started feeling a bit too slimy for my own liking. I’m sure I could have a beer with Roy and Rin, but I’m gonna pass on recommending this one.

The Only Solution

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