The Iceberg Effect Review (Updated): Is Dean Holland Legit?

Affiliate marketing isn’t what it once was. And that’s why a bunch of age old affiliates are struggling with it these days.

Of course, this is all coming from Dean Holland.

And if you feel like you’ve done all the learning you could have possibly done through videos, tools, and courses, but have no results…this ones for you.

The Iceberg Effect is Deans new book, and he claims that it will show you exactly what he did to build up his own 7-figure affiliate marketing business.

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Apparently it’s helped a buncha others do the same.

But I don’t know if I buy it…something about his accent and creepy yellow wall behind him just doesn’t vibe with me.

And contrary to popular opinion, Dean believes that affiliate marketing isn’t about having the most traffic, the best squeeze page, mindset, or work ethic.

Yeah I disagree…it’s literally of these things.

“Here’s the best part,” Dean rambles. “Once you get it, and I mean really get it, you’ll see that affiliate marketing really doesn’t have to be that difficult.”

“Now I’m revealing every bit of my secrets inside my book, The Iceberg Effect,” he continues, as my inner cynic spills out of me. “And I actually wanna send you a copy – for free.”

Sounds like it’s one of those “free plus shipping” deals where you pay the S&H, they keep some off the top, and then hit you with countless upsells in your email. I think he took this one straight from Russell Brunson himself…how original.

And it looks like I was right because he follows that up with asking us to literally pay “a tiny $7.96 towards shipping and handling.”

If Amazon can ship you a book for free, why does he have to charge $8?

What’s even funnier is that you’ll get the audio version emailed to ya right after you pay…

Dean Holland Review

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Dean continues:

“If you are in affiliate marketing right now or you’ve been trying to build a business as an affiliate but without any major success,” Dean picks back up, “this book is critical, essential reading.”

With affiliates failing left and right, what could possibly be the solution?

Of course Deans book has your answers!

He pitches that this is “absolutely gonna be the catalyst for everything turning around for you, and you building that profitable affiliate marketing business that you’ve been looking to build.”

Some further digging on the sales page and it gets weird. Like Russel Brunson basically saying that he’s only promoting Dean because he pays him 10k per year to be in his inner circle. That’s kinda cringe isn’t it?

Call me crazy, but it seems all very inauthentic.

So let’s recap…Dean promotes his book…that sells his own products about making “millions” as an affiliate…but doesn’t seem to actually show his business himself. Hmmm it appears as though he’s really making his money from just being a classic guru.

Idk about you, but there’s a whole heap of things I’d spend $8 on before Deans book. In-n-Out anyone?

Honestly the only thing that’s changed about being an affiliate marketing today is that it was once hard, but now it’s even harder. But hey, at least you can spam TikTok with high quality videos that won’t convert at all since the audience is like 15 years old.

No thanks needed, not like I just saved you $8 plus a years worth of college in upsells for an affiliate business or anything…

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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