The Affiliate Franchise Review (Updated): Is Joel Vazquez Legit?

Joel Vazquez (the Infamous Joel) is pitching an almost irresistible offer by claiming he can help you build an affiliate marketing business that will make 40k in 6 months or…you don’t have to pay him. Of course that sounds like a buncha guru BS, but let’s keep going. You see, the reason Joel makes this claim is because he claims his offering isn’t a course…rather a franchise. Think McDonalds, but affiliate marketing.

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He suggests you use his proven traffic generation system instead of just getting down into the weeds with the competition. Joel claims you’ll be promoting “high-ticket products” that earn $2,000 per sale. And if you get 20 sales, boom, $40k. Something Joel thinks is entirely realistic within 6 months. He also lets you know that he himself makes six figures as an affiliate. It pisses him off that most gurus don’t actually walk the walk.

Joel doesn’t run from it. He tells you that he spent 7 years in prison. It was affiliate marketing though that allowed him to bounce back. Today he gives his kids the world, spoils the heck out of his wife, and travels whenever he wants. So let’s be real, if he can make it work…why can’t you? Especially when they’re handling all the tech, funnels, and emails? If you tried this by yourself it could take years to get anything meaningful. Plus, who knows if it’ll even convert??

So now that tech isn’t gonna be an issue, we gotta talk about traffic. And no, you’re gonna have to dance like an idiot on TikTok. All you gotta do is tap into Joel’s Infinite Traffic Engine. Basically Joel uses his in house copywriters to make a marketing post for you and use AI to make sure that only the most likely buyers are going to see it. It’s pretty much like running Facebook Ads, minus all the ad spend. From there a certain percentage will inevitably clickthrough on your affiliate link and a certain amount will purchase, and boom…commission city.

Joel Vazquez Review

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

So to be clear, you’re not writing content, you’re not on camera, and you’re not messaging prospects on instagram all day. Pretty much…you do nothing. “Our team helps you set up and learn the software,” Joel recaps. “You’ll check it periodically to make sure you’re getting leads. Then go take that vacation as you collect commissions.”. Meanwhile I’m over here just laughing at the impossibility of this whole offer.

As far as testimonials go, there’s a lady named Kristy. She was a stay at home mom that wanted to help her husband out with the bills. And as if it was scripted out, once she got her infinite traffic engine firing on all cylinders, she got that income she needed with very little sacrifice. Today? Today they spend their time traveling as a family while the commissions just fill their bank account. Joel says there’s way more success stories than this inside their private Facebook Group.

If you need extra help, there’s weekly zoom calls, 24/7 chat support, and a personal accountability coach that will review your current progress and make sure you’re at the rate you want to progress. Not to mention all the other six figure affiliates in the group you can reach out to for help. How much does the affiliate franchise cost? Joel laughs and says considerably less than a McDonalds franchise…but doesn’t say the exact amount. The only thing I’m wondering is if this system is sooo lucrative, why wouldn’t Joel just keep it to himself, stop selling, and try to compete with Jeff Bezos for the worlds richest man?

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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