Million Dollar Year Review – Dow Janes (Update): The War On Your Wallet!

Britt and Laurie Ann started up a program for women called “Dow Janes” (cute twist) that wanna get in better control of their money. They think the financial industry was built by men, for men (and yeah, us guys make the world go ’round) so they decided to make a course for women. It’d be empowering, it’d be feminine, it’d be fun. They think if women get more money, they’ll be heard and more powerful. “We’re on a mission to build the financial confidence of women+ around the world,” they said. But are these girls legit or is just another mean girls episode with money? How much does Dow Janes cost? Scroll down for my Million Dollar Year Review.

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Laurie Ann is the CEO of Dow Janes. She’s a coach that focuses on empowerment and energy healing (basically the female version of mindset guru). After she mastered the game of money, she paid off her $60k in debt and built a 7 figure business. Britt is the COO. You could say she’s the brains behind the financial education company all since she went to Harvard Business School. And wouldn’t ya know, she has actually been investing in her financial future since she was 8 years old, safe to say she’s always had a child like approach to the market which is playful and easy to understand. Stephanie is a financial coach and Craig’s an investment advisor.

Alrighty, so the people, the team, the positioning, all seems like they’re the real deal. They’ve got ads everywhere stalkin’ you on Facebook so they must be real. They want you to sign up for their free masterclass on investing, so what’s the catch? Basically they wanna sell you on Million Dollar Year, it’s their high ticket coaching program that lasts for one year (dang, I prefer lifetime access for something thousands of bucks…) that teaches you habits where you’ll “spend thoughtfully, save systematically, and invest confidently.”

So what will they give you with this transformational coaching program? You’ll get some solid financial foundation training videos, a private facebook group, and weekly calls. Not to mention it’s mostly women, so it’ll be friendly and supportive with everyone pushing towards similar financial goals. You’ll also get mindset training that will help you rethink how you currently think about money and will help you become the person you actually wanna be.

Britt and Laurie Review

The Only Solution

So, what does Million Dollar Year cost? You’re looking at $1,999 for the year or 12 payments of $199. They offer a “double investment back guarantee” which basically states that if you try all their methods and don’t make back that $1,999…they’ll give you $3,998. Not too shabby. But I do think it’s a bit of an issue cuz you gotta wait a whole year. What happens if you have a crazy emergency like a broken car or unforeseen medical issues? You’d have to complete everything in the course and deal with all that on top, it’s an unlikely scenario, but still very much possible.

The other main downside is the support structure in my opinion. While the live weekly calls are great, you don’t get access to Britt or Laurie Ann outside of it. Which means if you can’t make the livestream cuz of kids, work, or whatever else, you’re SOL when it comes to interacting with them. I understand their time is valuable, but it’d be nice if they offered interaction to their students outside of just 1 hour per week ya know? After all, they are who made the people buy, people want to interact with those people.

So other than my beef with that setup, do I think you can save and invest your way to a million dollars per year? Absolutely. And if you are also looking for another way to supplement that income, I’d urge you to check out my solution below. It’s cheap, easy, low risk, not competitive, remote, no selling required, and feels fulfilling. I know it sounds cheesy and too good to be true, but check it out!

The Only Solution

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