Jason Wojo Review (Updated): Is Wojo Media Legit?

Nowadays, you have a lot of people who are looking to make money aside from their full-time job – and who can really blame them, I mean gone are the days of Subway’s $5 Footlong… now it’s the $6 6-inch. 

In fact, nearly 33% of people today are running side hustles because they need to bring in extra money, and about 50% of them are Millennials. 

So, what’s the answer? 

Have you ever thought about how you could make money by running paid ads on social media sites like Facebook or Google?

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

There’s quite a few programs out there that teach you how to do this. 

The problem is deciding which one to go with. 

Which is why we’re talking about it today in this Jason Wojo Review. 

So what I would like to do in the next few minutes is unpack this by answering some of the more common questions I’ve gotten and help you decide if this is the best route for you to go. 

So, sit back and let’s see what we can find out… 

Who is Jason Wojo?

Jason has been in the internet marketing industry for a while and knows quite a bit about how it ticks, so much so that he’s started his own company called Wojo Media which focuses on Social Media Marketing. 

Wojo Media helps other companies with thing like: 

  • Social media account management
  • Creating and sharing content
  • Website Development
  • Strategies for multiple social media platforms

Unfortunately, Jason has run into a few hiccups along the way with some of his video editors complaining about not getting paid which resulted in Jason seeking legal advice. 

Also, others have come to the conclusion that some of his Instagram followers might be bot accounts.  

Regardless of all the rumors and negative reviews, Jason still seems to be killing it with his ad campaigns and digital marketing skills. 

What Is Wojo Media

What Does Wojo Media Offer?

Aside from the social media marketing that Jason does for different companies, he also has a few courses that he sells to the general public. 

These courses pretty much showcase his skill as a social media advertiser and teaches others to make money online using the same processes. Here’s a list of some of his previous courses…

  • Jason Runs Ads: At one time, Jason would offer to manage advertising campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Google – however, now this program has been merged into a more personalized mentorship program where he works more on a one-to-one basis with his clients 
  • 6-Figure Accelerator: This course was set up to help entrepreneurs who wanted to start and scale their own Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA) to six figures. He offered this program for $97 and with it you would get access to: 
    • A 5-module training
    • His private Facebook community
    • His support team
  • 1 Million Views: This is basically a fill-in-the-blank script that Wojo offers for those who want to sky-rocket their exposure on social media platforms in as little as 60 days. Jason offered this for a measly $10. 

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

What’s My Opinion On The Wojo Notoriety?

Personally I don’t believe any of the issues that Jason has run into in the past are any reflections on his courses or the man himself.  I think probably one of the biggest issues is that he might have had some bad luck with VAs (Virtual Assistants) in the past who were a little late getting some of the work done. 

But then on the other hand, if you’re in a contract with a client and the work isn’t completed on time or at all, the blame usually falls on you. 

Who Is Social Media Marketing For And Not For? 

Now, I’d like to explore the different types of people that might be a good fit for running a Social Media Marketing Agency, and who might not be. 

If you have any of the following traits, then SMMA might be for you… 

  1. You’re creative and like getting involved in new things like creating engaging social media posts. 
  2. You like making new friends online and chatting people up about what they like. 
  3. You’re a data whiz, love statistics and use it in your favor to boost your ads

But if you’re like any of the following, then maybe you should pass on SMMA… 

  1. You’re an introvert and prefer to work alone on projects. 
  2. You’re technologically challenged and can’t adapt to new tools. 
  3. You prefer a set routine. 

Is Social Media Marketing A Scam? 

No, SMMA isn’t a scam, I just don’t think it’s as easy as some of the gurus like Jason Wojo says it is. 

For one thing, you’re at the mercy of both the social media platforms (Facebook, Google, Instagram) and the client you’re working for – both of which can drop you at any time they like. 

For example, let’s say you have a client that’s reached a certain level in their business as a result of your hard work, it’s not uncommon for them to fire you because they believe they don’t need you anymore. 

On the flip side, social platforms can ban your account just because the account manager doesn’t like a specific word you used in one of your social media ads or because you spent too much money on any given day. 

Are There Better Ways To Make Money Online In 2024? 

Don’t get me wrong, Social Media Marketing and paid advertising has its benefits in internet marketing, but it’s like walking through a ballroom on a cruise ship during a storm. It’s hard to keep your footing and you’re always bumping into things. 

That’s why I prefer something a little more stable like Digital Leasing which allows me to work more closely with local businesses.  

Digital leasing is one industry where you’re in control of just about everything from the platforms you use to your clients. 

Something else that’s worth noting, is that you don’t have to worry about clients sending you packing, because if they do, you can easily have another one lined up ready to pay you for your services, sometimes even at a premium. 

So if you’d like to learn more about Digital Leasing and why it’s my #1 recommendation, just click the button below. 

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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