My SaaS Lifestyle Review (Updated): Is AJ Jomah Legit?

Apparently this guy has a way for you to earn $500 per day online.

The newest guru on the block is named AJ Jomah.

You don’t need products, inventory, shipping, or any kind of experience either.

And I don’t believe a word he says because…

“And yet, you can literally clone my business,” he says, “and make it your own to transform your financial life forever.” 

The claim is that AJ will build all this for you in 21 days or less.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

If you can believe it, his strategy can lead to you earning over $10,000 per month in recurring income. After only a few short months.

“The answer is white label SaaS,” AJ explains.

Software as a Service.

What you’re pretty much doing is taking a pre-existing software, slapping your label and customer service with it, and selling it for whatever you want. Typically $297, $497, or $697. Literally whatever you want.

Your customers will be local business owners (I’ll explain why later).

And whoooolllaaaa, AJ says he’s pulling in 50 racks per month.

Remember it’s all recurring. So even if he doesn’t land anymore clients, he still pockets $50k from all the other people he sold.

Now let’s be honest though now AJ, surely not every customer stays with you for life…

Now for the social proof.

Megan made $500 in just 24hrs after joining…with another $248 coming in soon.

Brandon locked in $3,000 in just 10 days after going live on Facebook.

The SaaS business model is just so cutting edge. It’s like being in ecommerce when the getting was good over a decade ago. Except this one has been under your nose this whole time!

But wait a minute…if this model was so damn good? Why would he run to FB ads and blabber it across the whole world? Wouldn’t that create an infinite amount of competitors for him?

Just stop beating around the bush AJ…I’m just waiting for you to ask for our money at this point…

AJ Jomah Review

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Looks like we’re not the only ones to think it’s a bit too good to be true.

AJ get’s it. However, he says to think of it like franchises. Take a Starbucks for example. One of their stores might make $100k per year. So they just clone it and get all the profit again and again and again.

But let’s be realistic for a second…is this knock off white label software really just as good as some morning Starbucks? Is it even in as demand as Pumpkin Spice Latte’s are for basic white chicks? I kinda sorta maybe doubt it.

And sure, plenty of new businesses popping up each day.

Saturation will likely not be an issue.

But I’m still wondering what exactly this software does.

Basically AJ says that it will help local businesses rank higher in Google by getting more of these much needed reviews. Oh yeah, and they’ll be able to follow up with their leads and customers easier since this software also doubles as a CRM.

Ok, that’s kinda nice I guess.

But I’ll be honest, this is far from new or cutting edge. Stuff like this has been around for a while contrary to what AJ might want you to believe.

To get these clients, AJ recommends you scour FB groups endlessly and pitch whoever you can pitch. He swears this works…lol.

How much does the My SaaS lifestyle program cost? Well he pushes you towards one of those high pressure “strategy sessions” so I imagine it’s at least $5,000 so he can pay his guys a good commission.

What’d ya expect? It’s a “start your own online business” “make money online” course after all.

To me, if your only real job here is to sell, I think you’d be better off being a high-ticket closer for a legit program. At least with that, the leads come to you.

Look if you’re main job here is just selling this product, you’d be better off taking sales calls FOR him like the one you’re about to get on. At least in that case the leads are coming straight to you hot and ready like Little Caesars.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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