Mikey Kass $17 Dollar Shopify Dropshipping Store Review

In a new ad that you’ve probably seen more times than you’d like, Mikey Kass says he’s “convinced” his team to give away 8 prebuilt Shopify stores. These are the same exact stores that have helped him get on track for $300,000 this month. And he’s willing to give it away to you for just $17 (how sweet). Sounds too good to be true huh? Of course, but let’s at least hear the little kid out. He deserves at least that right? Scroll down for my full Mikey Kass review.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

From the looks of it, Mikey Kass has been doing dropshipping for over four years and has made more than a million dollars. His sales have skyrocketed lately thanks to covid making everyone buy online. Mikey and his team have been so busy scaling their one store, that they’ve left their other 8 high and dry. It’s a shame because I’d imagine they put in a good amount of work to these right? But maybe not since they’re letting us buy them for $17…

Apparently they tested colors, layouts, bullet points, headlines, and more. So instead of just wasting a site like thats potential, he wants to hand them over for just $17. “These things are ready to go,” Mikey says. “It’s plug-and-play. We just need to transfer it to you. And once again, we only have eight of them, and we want to give them away to people who want to get started in this business model the right way,” he adds.

Sounds like a pretty good deal considering that just a few months ago Mikey was selling done for you stores like this at 5-10k a pop. I wonder why he has to discount them so much, don’t you? Either way, the fact is that right now he’s selling these things for just $17 and claims that this is your gateway to earning anywhere from 10k – 100k per month with dropshipping.

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My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Look, I wanna believe him, but who’s gonna really sell a store for $17 if you can really make 6-7 figures with it each month? If Mikey and his team don’t have the time to handle them, doesn’t it make more sense to just hire more people? Especially if the sites are already locked and loaded to make profit? We know he could snag a couple VA’s from the Philippines for a couple bucks and hour if he wanted…

The other thing that makes me weary is that he’s had this same ad running for over a year now. So this whole pitch of “claim one of eight remaining Shopify stores” is probably inaccurate. He’s probably sold like 8 an hour. I think he should just change the offer at this point, I doubt it’ll change his conversion rate much since the offer is still great. Oh well, he’s a young whippersnapper, he’ll learn.

Other things you might wanna think of is niches. What happens when all the good niches are gone? What happens when it gets saturated? What upsells is he gonna hit you with after that $17? He has a course called Ecom Good Life that sells for $997. There’s even higher ticket coaching after that. Is any of that really needed if these stores are “pinned for profit”? If not, would it kill him to be a bit more transparent in his marketing? I wouldn’t really have any issues after that, I mean it is just $17. Make a couple sales and you’ll get your money back I’m sure.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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