BJK University Review (Updated): The War On Your Wallet!

Bashar J Katou sells the course BJK University. It shows you how to earn money and live the life you want by selling products through Amazon FBA. But why should you listen to what he has to say about online business? Well it looks like he’s had quite the turnaround, he was 150k in debt, an alcoholic, even went to jail, but now he’s making over a million bucks a month online. Of course I’m skeptical, you’re skeptical too I’m sure. Scroll down for my full BJK University review.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

His lowest point was back in 2013, a whole decade ago. He was like any one of us. Washing dishes and doing uber on the side. He’d look up ways to make money online in his spare time. Even launched a few businesses and failed. The 8th one though, the 8th time was the one he was looking for. That’s when he started selling on Amazon. After a few years had gone by, he was comfortably making 10k per month. But he quickly fell back into bad habits like chillin at the beach and getting drunk with his friends.

And as you could guess, his business crumbled. This taught Bashar a pretty important lesson: If you’re not growing, you’re dying (didn’t Arnold coin that though?). Look, when you start making money, you can’t be get complacent, you have to keep pushing. Once you and your family are taken care of, who else do you take under your wing? Keep pushing for that next level. Don’t just be like “well I’ve got enough now, I’m set” because that may very well be what takes you down. It’s also selfish since there’s so many others you could be helping.

And while it’s cliche, the more give…the more you get. “So something I realized is that the more I kept on just keeping it to myself, again, I wasn’t motivated to get more,” Bashar explains. “Right, because, I just had more than I needed. And so, there wasn’t a motive to go and get more because again, if I live below my means, and I’m making two to three times what I really need to live off of, why should I keep going out there and making more? That’s why I created BJK University, to stop making it all about me, me, me, and start helping others.”

BJK University Review

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Something else Bashar learned throughout his journey to the top is that you should always go against the grain. “What I mean by that is, regardless of where you are in life, age, culture, ethnicity, background, country, niche, business, your studies, your work, doesn’t matter. Whatever it is that you’re doing. There’s always set expectations and there’s always like, ‘Well this is how it’s always been and we expect you to operate within these parameters.’ I say screw that. Always go against what everybody else expects.”

Screw what’s expected, what’s normal. Never stop trying to break records. Think outside the box, get uncomfortable, pursue the impossible, Bashar continues. Don’t settle for good enough, ask yourself “how can I make it better” who’s the best one in your industry? Don’t just compete, demolish them. How can you create something so good, that the old “best” looks like childsplay? Bashar J Katou is heavily inspired by Elon Musk and uses him as an example of how one can push themselves beyond imagination.

I think Bashar is legit, as far as I can tell anyway. But I’d be naive to think that half a million of his million each month isn’t coming from BJK university sales and not from FBA. I’m not saying he doesn’t practice Amazon FBA anymore, just that it’s probably not his main money lever. Not that we’d know from case studies or anything…most of his marketing is just name dropping Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk saying you just gotta dream big and take massive action. You know…all the stuff all the other un-actionable gurus say…

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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