Ashley Kinkead Review (Updated): Is Her Private Label Mastery Program Legit?

Ashley Kinkead is back in another Facebook ad promoting her Private Label Mastery program. This has just about all the Hallmark signs of a gut wrenching guru ad. The ad starts of with “News Flash: There are THOUSANDS of high income-generating products that people are shopping for on right now and they cannot find.” Scroll down for my full Ashley Kinkead review.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Immediately after that she begins to roll into some testimonials from her private Facebook group. She start’s off with Sally who’s “invested in other mentors in the past was let down. And in just 2 weeks of joining PLM, she earned 10K as an Amazon seller and earned her entire investment back. She finished last month at 50K in sales with 20K in PROFIT.”

And then “Madison generated 20K in a month, all while enjoying a vacation without a laptop glued to her side, just her cell phone monitoring her Amazon sales”. She shares about Amanda who “has done 100K in 3 months and is on pace for a 50K month with just TWO simple products she sells on Amazon FBA.” and finally, let’s not forget about Krista “Krista sold 50K in just 12 weeks and is doing 55k months in the Arts & Crafts category.”

Of course I want you to keep in mind that although those numbers seem fantastical, it really is just a marketing ploy at the end of the day. Notice how the only PROFIT numbers listed were by Sally who did that 20k. She didn’t mention the actual profit of any of these other successful amazon sellers. Why? Well generally speaking, most amazon sellers make 10% profit. And that’s if they do everything right AND cross their fingers. I’m afraid Sally is simply just an exception to the general rule.

Is Ashley Kinkead Legit

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Ashley Kinkead begins to conclude her ad “That’s what we do inside of Private Label Mastery. We help committed, new entrepreneurs like you build a real business from scratch, to allow you to focus on GROWING the business, instead of living inside it and doing all the hard work on your own.” Oh how very smooth you are Ashley.

She then says that if this is something you’re interested that you should get started and book a “strategy session with me”. Of course we’ve all been around long enough to know that “strategy session” is just another name for a high pressure sales call where you’re expected to fork over an obscene amount of money.

So how much does Ashley Kinkead’s Private Label Mastery cost? Odds or it’s at least $5000 or higher. That way she can pay off one of her high ticket closers ya know? Look at the end of the day, Amazon is old news. Today Mr. Jeffy does everything he can to basically monopolize his own platform. He makes new rules every day that shut down stores overnight. Not to mention that if you find a successful product, he’ll just make his own and claim the top position, pushing you down, and stealing your sales. Personally, I’ll just stick to earning simple recurring income from a couple of small sites each month.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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