High Ticket Fitness Closers Review (Updated): Who is Luke Kish from WarriorBabe

As a top-performing salesman in an MLM company called Vemma, Luke Kish was living the dream. But he was pulled back to reality after FTC closed its operations for being a pyramid scheme. However now, he’s rolling out “High Ticket Fitness Closers.” Could his knack for enrolling college kids translate into a fitness success story? Time will tell.

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He says you can make more than $100k in this online fitness business. Just pick up that phone and work your way as a closer for those high-ticket fitness programs. No need to sweat content creation and chasing potential clients. Focus more on income.

As the CEO of WarriorBabe, Luke is helping thousands of women with courses and coaching and their fitness journey has never been better. 

Results? Total revenue of 25 million. He’s adding 100 more coaches and another 100 sales reps to his team. The business is booming. He’s eyeing the opportunity closely. 

And missing out on an opportunity like this would be a mistake. 

People know fitness is more than just flexing muscles and toned abs. They’re aware that a good workout regime and a clean balanced diet can add more years to their lives. Economic crises are not stopping them. And they are not falling for those fake marketing campaigns, exaggerating skinny teas, and green juices. They are in for long-term results with a sustainable approach towards a healthy lifestyle. 

With that being said, according to Luke, launching your coaching career would be a wrong approach especially if you consider financial and other aspects of life. Rather becoming a high-ticket fitness closer is the real action plan here. 

Because let’s get real. Here is the bitter truth.

The market for the fitness coaching industry is oversaturated. You will find so many online coaches competing for potential clients and creating content at the same time. You will wreck your financial and physical health. And in the end, you will not make enough money either. So what’s the point? 

Here’s the smart approach: Team up with the major players who are already in the game. They’ve cracked the code, haven’t they? They’ve battled it against countless others and came out on top, saving you the trouble. Why not just sell their products and pocket big commissions, as Luke suggests? And the best part? As soon as you hang up that call, you’re all set – no more tasks, no stress, just smooth sailing.

The WarriorBabe sales team top performers earn $300k annually. Most of his staff brings in over $100k each year. Yet, Luke’s history with Vemma and his standout career as a sales professional also play a part.

You’re hitting two birds with one stone. Selling and helping other people in their fitness journey. 

Is Luke Kish Legit

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

And it saves you social media marketing trouble. No more reaching out to those fitness fans on annoying Facebook groups providing the same information about macros over and over again. Say goodbye to Instagram reels and YouTube shorts that take your mental energy. No need to be on your toes for those refund requests and payroll duties. 

You are your boss. Your own schedule depends on what suits you and as an independent contractor, you set the rules for your training program.

As long as there is good network coverage and a working cell phone. You’re all set. It’s remote and you can travel anywhere. 

Just pitch and follow up with the provided leads. Lead generation is already done so no more prospecting in the sales process. So closing high-ticket deals is easier than ever.

Income is competitive and commission-only (usually about 10-14% after refunds and chargebacks).

Luke and his team have connections with big companies in the fitness industry that have long-term clients and close big deals. So after training days, you will have to work with them.

No brainer, but you’ve got to be a fitness enthusiast and you must know the top trends in nutrition and strength training. It’s better if you live what you preach and look like a fitness model. 

And yeah, being into making money wouldn’t hurt either.

Apply to High Ticket Fitness Closers if this sounds like you.

Now, about the cost – I’m guessing it’s pretty, because Luke’s not giving you an idea on that.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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