Digital Landlord Reviews (Modern Millionaires) Updated: The War On Your Wallet!

Abdul Farooqi and Chance Welton founded the infamous Modern Millionaires. They start off by selling their “officeless agency masterclass” for just under ten bucks. After that, it’s a hard push for you to upsell into their course for 6k. After that, they have a higher level, “Done For You” offer that is nearly 19k. What is it that they could possibly do or teach for that amount? Why do they get called scammers by all sorts of people? Let’s check out one of their most recent YouTube ads and try to get some answers.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Abdul starts off by talking down on regular landlords. He says you’ve always gotta hound people for rent and evict old cat ladies. The day to day of it all is just no fun and landlords are always pissed at something. Chance and Abdul said “screw that” and no have a method that’s allowed them to be way more zen. They call themselves laptop landlords. Sure, they make just as much as regular landlords with passive income, but they do so with no aggravations, no broken windows, no busted pipes, and most importantly…no missing payments.

These properties are 100% digital. No crazy commercial renting, no bricks, no massive upfront money. Even better is that Abdul claims that small business owners, your tenants, will pay you anywhere from $2000-$5000 per month. Which if you notice, is a lot more than any three bedroom house you might rent out. But how does it work, exactly? “You get on your laptop, press a special sequence of keys, and you help these businesses unlock high value land on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Google,” Abdul says.

“Then you go ahead and build them ads on that land. Simple little ads that blow up their phones with new clients and customers. The best part? You only have to do the setup work once, and month after month your tenants happily send you money. It’s semi-passive income without the headaches, hassles, and huge expenses of investing in real estate,” he continues.

Digital LandLords Chance and Abdul

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Chance and Abdul claim to have made over $1.7M the last 3 years being laptop landlords. “We set up simple ads that attract customers and create raging demand from business owners, and we get paid from them month after month,” Abdul reiterates. After saying that he shows us all his notifications from his Stripe account and brings our attention to one customer in particular that has been paying him $5,150 each month for the past 5 months straight.

To try and beef up his pitch a bit more he then shows ads from current Modern Millionaire students. He shows one campaign for a jewelry business and then a hoodie business. Then brings up a guy named Jason who successfully quit his job and brings in a whopping 15k per month as a laptop landlord. A single mom named Krista is able to make 8k per month with their system. Over 7800 people have joined them already…will you be their next success story? Or is it just a bunch of crap? “Click the link below and register for the free training” Abdul says as his cheesy ad finally comes to a close.

Hey I might not be a fan of them or this guru space, but this ad was pretty mild compared to the others I’ve seen. It’s not like they’d say we’d get a lambo or anything if we handed them our hard earned money. Still, I personally think they’re oversimplifying stuff. It’d make me feel better if they explained how their members actually landed clients. Not to mention that no business is perfect, so they could let us in on what might go wrong right? For transparencies sake? Anyway, things like rising ad costs and Facebook account bans are a legitimate concern. I’m just sayin’ that if they gave a little more balance to their pitch, they’d probably have less haters.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

John Reed: As a fellow patriot who’s disillusioned with the 9-5 “American Dream”, I’ve grown to loathe the self-help and “guru” industry.
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