Leah Reiss Review (Updated): Is Her High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Program Legit?

Leah Reiss wants you to know that if you’re a “mumma” that feels stressed, uninspired, and broke that it’s not the end of the world for ya. She has been through the ringer herself and believes she has found a way out of it for not only herself, but everyone else in a similar situation like her. So, is her high ticket affiliate marketing program legit? Scroll down for my full Leah Reiss review.

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The ad starts off with her story: “Broke, exhausted, uninspired, stressed about the future, need a change or just want to be a more present mum? This was me! But that’s all changed now and it can for you too! I am a Mumma to one with another baby on the way working in the corporate world, desiring, and knowing that I was worth so much more than my capped wage and 4 weeks annual leave.” I’m sure this is a story many different women will resonate with.

Leah continues: “I needed to find purpose in my life again and show my babies that their Mumma is strong and willing to put fear aside and do what it takes to create a life of true abundance. I didn’t know where to start or who/what I could trust, but I knew 2 things had to change first.” Finding purpose in ones life is an extremely important thing to do. But I think we all know that “our purpose” isn’t going to be solely making money. At least that’s how it kinda comes off here. I think it’s kinda cringe that she alludes to affiliate marketing being her purpose in life…

“Firstly, I knew I had to create something that would support my growing family, ease our pressures and it had to be done in pockets of my time. It also had to give me the flexibility to work from anywhere, anytime.” Ok, she’s using the classic (these benefits are exclusive to affiliate marketing) technique when just about any other business model could fit those characteristics…nice.

Is Leah Reiss Legit

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

“Secondly, it had to enable me to become a more present wife and Mumma to my growing babies. I wanted to say goodbye to the overwhelm and focus on my family and living our life, rather than being distracted all the time with trying to balance work, motherhood, daily chores and burnout.” Of course I think this is a noble cause. And she certainly comes off as a very driven individual in the ad. But there’s a lot more “look at me” in this ad than there is solutions and tips.

Now are you guys ready for a shock? “About 5 months ago, I started my own online business in High Ticket Affiliate Marketing. It has given me the foundations to break free from what has brought so many of us down. It has full automation, which means all the heavy lifting such as sales calls, paperwork etc are done for me AND my marketing too. It also enables me to work with other women who want to escape the constraints and limitations of the daily grind and start living life, rather than just dreaming about it. And I LOVE that about my business.”

SHE ONLY STARTED HER BUSINESS 5 MONTHS AGO! She’s started only 5 months ago and believes she has what it takes to coach you up…Look realistically, I don’t think she’s been in the industry long enough to prove her worth. That’s not me trying to take a dig at her, that’s just me saying that she’s still new to all this and likely hasn’t gone through all the different types of struggles and learning curves like people such as Dave Sharpe. No word on how much this all costs just yet, but I wouldn’t really bother looking at it anymore. You’re better off learning from someone with at least a decade in the space.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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