Digital Storefront Review (Updated): The War On Your Wallet!

Cory Long claims to help pastors, ministers, and fellow Christians grow God’s kingdom, support their own families, and give back to their communities. According to many of his YouTube and Facebook ads, he’s been exactly where you are. He’s bought all the courses, tried every MLM, and launched his own businesses. He’s transparent when he says that some did ok, while the majority flopped. Eventually he got online and started making money, but then felt guilty about what he was selling and got out of it since his customers weren’t getting their desired results. He shut it all down and has now supposedly found something better. Scroll down for my Digital Storefronts review.

The Only Solution

Cory goes on to explain his “DSE Offer System”. This is where you’ll “rent digital storefronts” to local businesses for $500-$1500 per month. He claims that all this is affordable and that your margins will be massive. To sweeten the deal, he claims that you don’t even need any tech skills and your competition is extremely minimal. Yep, you included…so long as you aren’t the type to be lazy, make excuses, or expect to get rich overnight with just a few clicks. How does it all work though?

According to Cory, the first step is to find a high ticket local business. Pretty much any business where a new customer can be we worth $10,000+. So basically he’s telling you to target roofers, concrete contractors, dentists, stuff like that. Next you’ll pick a decent sized city. Big enough to have money flowing through, but small enough to where you won’t have many competitors. After you have your niche and city, step two is to build a simple little website, add some images and text, an email form, phone tracking number, and hit publish.

The third step is to rank that website at the top of Google Maps and the Google Organic section. He says that because you’re only going against concrete contractors in small towns like Marion, Indiana, that it’s not hard. There will basically only be a few other companies and they have no idea about digital marketing. If you pick your city and niche correctly, dominate on page and off page optimization, it can take you just a few days or weeks to rank in Google.

Digital Storefronts

The Only Solution

The fourth step is to get in touch with someone who’s an actual concrete contractor and willing to pay for your websites leads. Apparently Cory teaches you how to do this inside his program and private facebook group. Something for every personality type, he says. But essentially that’s the overview of his Digital Storefront process. One we know pretty well since it’s very close to what we teach. Either way, we totally agree with Cory when he says it’s the best laptop biz out there.

Should you decide that you actually trust Cory enough to let him reach inside your pocket, you’ll get the digital storefront coaching and mentoring program, a fully built and ready to go digital storefront of your own, their tenant attraction system, a quick lead gen method, weekly group/live support, and more. Unfortunately the price isn’t readily available, you’ll have to hop on a call for that. But he does have a few positive reviews from current members. So is it worth becoming a digital tentmaker? Sure, why not.

Folks the digital storefront business model is actually legit. Local lead generation basically limitless. It helps too that Cory seems as though he’s an honest, ethical, and God fearing individual. What’s not to like? And sure, we won’t say we’re unbiased since this online business model is very similar to ours, but it’s a very realistic way for an average person to make some good money (and make a difference) online. If you’re curious about some of our examples or case studies, check out some of the resources below, thanks for checking out our review.

The Only Solution

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