Beach Boss Influencers Review (Updated): Is This MLM Actually Worth It?

You may have seen a little bit of marketing from the Beach Boss Influencers. There’s 5 of them and the first one you’ll see is Fran Loubser, followed by Cari Higham, Brandy Shaver, Kat Krasilnkoff, and Adrian Lindeen. In fact, you may have even seen Adrians video about their top 3 social media growth hacks in 2023. Let’s take a look at some of those strategies…“Now the first hack is to apply influence marketing,” Adrian says. “This is something I did in my business about four years ago.”

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“And it is what changed and transformed my business completely,” she continues. “Now, you probably are thinking, ‘Okay, influencer marketing. I don’t wanna be this Instagram star and put up filters and selfies all day long.’ Right? Well, I wanna debunk that because when we’re talking about influence marketing, it’s actually a marketing strategy that leads with your brand instead of your company’s brand; to effectively attract and enroll new customers and team members without being a sales-y weirdo.”

“When you’re a sales-y weirdo on social media, which is something I did for three years before I found influence marketing, it actually repels your followers. We don’t wanna be repelling anybody. We want to attract people to us. So if you’re showing up consistently on social media, adding value, sharing about you, what you’re passionate about, giving value around the products that you are using and the opportunity that goes along with that? That is what’s gonna attract people to you.”

“That leads to people getting to know, like, and trust you. They see you as someone who is a recommender of great things. And when you have trust over your network, that’s called influence, okay? So that’s the first thing you’re gonna wanna do is apply influence marketing to your marketing strategy.” In my opinion, all that stuff isn’t exactly ground-breaking. But she’s not necessarily wrong. I think everyone would agree that putting out quality content and not coming across as desperate is what will win the game. Let’s see what else she has up her sleeve.

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My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Her second hack is really just a round about way of telling you to get more visible on social media. She informs you (which really isn’t exactly a secret) that the algorithm favors those who post consistently. She says that TikTok might be a great platform for you to look at starting on since it isn’t super saturated just yet. I think that’s debatable…But TikTok is a good platform nonetheless.

Along with that, Adrian says you should consider creating Facebook Stories. If you post frequently enough, you’ll always be at the top of their screen. “Get into those if you’re not using those,” Adrian says. “And start getting more and more visible every single day.” Again, I don’t know if I’d call this a hack…Gary Vee himself has said this over and over again himself countless times already. Still it is solid advice. I’d just make sure not to overdo it and annoy your followers.

Adrians “third hack” just isn’t really a hack and more of just common sense in my opinion, which is just consistency. “When I made a choice to level up, to be all in, I became a master of consistency,” she explains. “And it wasn’t easy, right. But I had to create new habits. And then I went three years of being super consistent, okay? I created this habit and I just ran with it. And it changed my business completely. It’s the hardest thing to master in this game of entrepreneurship. But once you do, it’s all downhill.” So what do I think about all this? Well the Beach Boss influencers clearly got something right, but their advice isn’t gonna be anything you haven’t heard already.

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