Rapid Profit Machine Review – James Neville-Taylor (Updated): The War On Your Wallet!

James Neville Taylor went from zero to hero. Today he’s certainly a top 1% earner online. But the important thing? He’s help countless others (hundreds) make their first coin online. His free emails, system, and training might allow you to do the same. All without recruiting, inventory, support, or even selling. He claims his model is the most freeing business in the world. So what is it? Free Affiliate marketing training. James says he could close his laptop and do nothing all day and still collect 50k monthly checks. I gotta say, I am suspicious…Scroll down for my full James Neville Taylor review.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Using a “new” technology, James created the Rapid Profit Machine. He swears that it’s not just a clever name (now I wonder if it is just that) and that once you set it up, it can churn out profits over and over again. And guess what? It’s completely free. Why? Because he says he’s not wanting to charge people that were once where he was…struggling, broke, racking up debt on courses that just didn’t work.

He says it’s easy too. One click is all it takes to set up your Rapid Profit Machine apparently. You won’t have to spend hours working on it by any means. It’s ready from the get go. He says you could even make your first commission in a few hours, like magic…(yeah I don’t buy this). James says he spent a year workin’ on it so anyone, including you, could win.

So what types of affiliate products will you be selling with Rapid Profit Machine? Again, it seems as though James has done the heavy lifting for ya. He’s found deals that convert, pay well, and pay on time. Some are even recurring. One product he allows you to promote, he’s the top affiliate out of 10,000 people (hmmm sounds like a lot of competition though). He says he’s earned 200k with it and that you should promote it after your Rapid Profit Machine is live.

“If you follow the steps in the Rapid Profit Machine and don’t give up, you will earn money,” James promises. This works for any level of affiliate marketer. When you get your own RPM, James will give you his training on the best free and paid traffic strategies. He’ll even show ya a couple ninja tricks that he uses to earn 100k or more per month.

James Neville-Taylor Review

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

The steps are pretty simple and by the end you should be getting commissions from at least 6 affiliate programs. The whole thing will be automated too. No copy, funnels, videos, or software that you have to deal with. It’s already done for ya. It’s like being handed a fully stocked store. So do you believe in yourself, or are ya a tire kicker?

Eventually James makes his way to the catch. It’s not free. You’ll be billed sixty-nine-ninety per month, after a free fourteen day trial to Builderall. That’s the all-in-one software James is referring to when he says Rapid Profit Machine. There will be nonstop upsells after that, you can bet. I don’t really have a problem with what James is promoting here. I do think he could be more transparent about pricing. Maybe cut back on the sob story, cliches, and stock video footage and soft music designed to tug at your heart strings and instead just shoot straight. I don’t know. What do you think?

And now he gives ya the catch (surely you didn’t think it’d be free right?). You’ll be charged $69 per month after your 2 week trial of his Builderall affiliate sales funnels software. This is the software James is really talking about when it comes to Rapid Profit Machine. And wouldn’t ya know, you’re hit with a crap ton of upsells after that like every guru before him. Look I don’t have a problem with what James is promoting (you can make money). But what I don’t like is the sob stories, cheap stock video, and heart string pulling music instead of just shooting straight with ya. Idk about you, but that’d help me respect him more.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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