The Real Estate Prescription Review (Updated): Is Danielle Mapes Legit?

Looking to land a deal a day with real estate? Of course you are! So is everyone else! But is it really possible? According to Danielle it is…and you don’t have to worry about buying leads, open houses, or being the grubby little sales guy everyone tries to ignore and give the cold shoulder to on the down low. Can you trust a single word that comes out of her mouth? Find out in my all inclusive Real Estate Prescription Review!

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

This program is for people who want to get down and dirty and follow everything she says to a T. If you do so, you might find that in just 66 days you could net 100, 200, or even 300k! Of course you’ll have to put in at least an hour or two. Who might this program not before? Well if you seriously can’t think about working for even just an hour or two…maybe you should try your local slot machine. On a serious note though, let’s be real. It’s going to require a lot more time than just 1-2 hours a day. Real estate is a very time consuming industry no matter how you try to slice it.

There’s not really such a thing as “having your cake and eating it too” no matter what she says. The more I did my research the more I just kinda realized she was trying to pull on peoples heart strings. She was talking about how you never have to miss your kids’ recitals, could take a spa day, and even golf vacation. That’s just not the reality. But anyways, what are her qualifications?

Well for one, she used to the the team leader of the largest real estate brokerage in Ann Arbor Michigan with the company achieving a 300% year over year growth with her time there. She also started this company (real estate prescription) and has now successfully coached up a claimed 250 agents that want to achieve their dreams.

Danielle Mapes Review

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

So what is it that she’ll teach you exactly? Well the first thing is a mindset shift. She wants you to PUT WORK LAST. If you’re confused, don’t worry…you’re not the only one. But I guess it’s more for shock value because all she wants you to do is focus on efficiency. Next is shifting away from hot prospects. Also weird. But she says the shift must happen because only 1-3% of people are ready to buy a house at any given time…which means you should focus on the other 97%.

Then she says you need to do things like have “intentional conversations” which to me really just sounds like a fancier phrase for treating everyone around you like a customer you want to sell to. Next she says to systematize everything and invest in coaching of course. In fact, if you’re someone who wants to break the ceiling of what they think are their goals and don’t mind putting in the MINIMAL amount of ground work, she says she wants to work with you.

Even though she says she wants to work with you, she doesn’t mention anything about price anywhere. Instead she says you should just call her team and see if you guys are a good fit for each other. This is the real estate space so it’s safe to assume she’ll be charging you anywhere from $5-10k like just about everyone else. Maybe it’s worth it. Her testimonial Bob seems to think so. As for me? I don’t know seems like a lot of just “shock marketing” to me. Usually that stuff is kind of a let down. If you’re looking for something a bit more realistic, maybe my not so high and might solution is something you’d be interested in.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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