Maurice Kenny Review (Updated): Is His Day Trading Course Legit?

All of us have been told to go to college, get a degree, land a great job, and your future will be set, right?  Well, that’s what people told Maurice Kenny, and that’s exactly what he did. But when Maurice and his family found themselves living hand-to-mouth and jobless at times even though he had a degree in Information Technology, he knew something had to give because he didn’t want his family’s future dependent on anyone else anymore. That’s when Maurice decided to try his hand at Day Trading and never looked back.  Now, as an experienced trader, he wants to reach out to others and help them see the same success he’s seen. Keep reading my Maurice Kenny review to learn more.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

“A lot of day traders think that in order to make a lot of money day trading, you need to have this magical technical indicator that does all the work for you, or you gotta watch the news 24/7, or be a master at technical analysis. But in all honesty, who wants to spend all day just staring at a chart, rather than just spending a little time here or there to make money? I thought the same thing until I created my trading strategy that allows me to think less in order to get more”, Maurice says.

He goes on to say, “I came up with my strategy because I know ninety percent of day traders fail due to overcomplicating the process, so let’s think about that. If the vast majority are failing, why would we be doing what they do in the first place, right? You have to ask yourself what the other ten percent are doing. They’re not using all these magical technical indicators or trying to watch the news 24/7 or do any of that stuff. They have things simple to a certain extent, so you can make consistent profitability.”

So how does Maurice make money in Day Trading? Basically he does what he sees other successful traders do. He says that instead of trading against all big whigs in the industry, you should start trading with them. These people are meticulous and trade like Lions looking for prey in the jungle – they only go after exactly what they know they can catch. That’s what you should be doing. Start trading alongside the top 10% of hedge fund operators, copying their every move, and when they make millions of dollars on trades, you’ll make thousands easily.  Instead of trading like the small guys on lagging indicators, you’ll be trading like a boss and raking in the cash. His students have nicknamed this the MK strategy.

Is Maurice Kenny Legit

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

If you’ve had any experience in day trading, it’s probably gone something like this… you watch some cable newscast or read in the paper about ABC Company launching a new product that’s expected to set the world on fire.  You get the itch to make some money and decide to buy because you don’t want to miss the boat. The problem with this line of thinking is that by the time you’ve even heard about it, these hedge fund guys are all too happy to sell them to you and you’re left holding the bag. So, to avoid this from happening, what you should do instead is get involved in the trade only after it’s been confirmed so that it’s in your favor. 

Now, this is the tricky part, because some people will get nervous and jump the gun on these trades.  A successful trader can stay calm and ONLY sell when the hedge fund guys do instead of listening to the guys in the news; if you can do this you’ll be sitting pretty. Mental toughness is key, so work off of the stop losses that you’ve set in your mind, rather than actual stop losses.  What I mean is that hedge fund operators can detect when retail traders are ready to jump ship, so they get in at the right time to force them to sell, but it’s the hedge fund guys that buy back so they can take advantage of the rally.  So, if you’re not following their exact moves, you miss out. 

Maurice seems to know what he’s doing and if you want to get in on the action, you could buy his VIP Trading Program where you’ll learn about his preferred trading platform which will cost you about $1,000. There’s also more advanced training and one-on-one coaching and group coaching that you can buy when you’re ready. However, you don’t want to wait too long because Maurice only has room for 15 students every month. After watching his presentation, I had to tap out because I just couldn’t wrap my head around what he was talking about – I think I may have nodded off a couple times too.  Although, if this is your thing, then you’ll need about $2,000 set up in your trading account to get the ball rolling and the brass to see it through.  Good luck!

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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