Kate McShea Reviews – Attraction Marketing (Updated): The War On Your Wallet!

For over a decade now Kate McShea has being helping eager network marketers grow their business. She believes that the MLM industry is finally ready to use social media and the internet to build your downline. Of course her solution for you is to use her Attraction Marketing strategies which isn’t building Facebook posts, marketing funnels, or branding yourself. Instead, it’s a philosophy: value over all. Wanna know how? Scroll down for my Kate McShea review.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

But how do you become a valuable person if you haven’t succeeded yet? Like what if you just joined your very first MLM company? Or switched over to a new one? Or maybe been at it for years with no crazy results? According to Kate McShea none of it matters. It’s about your mindset. Instead of asking “who can I enroll?” start asking “who can I impact?”. When you do that, you become the person who actually listens, cares, and wants to help.

She tries to clear up a misconception right away. She explains that attraction marketing is completely passive. All you gotta do is push out a piece of content and wait for the business builders to come to you. Now I get it, something like that might work for someone like Holton Buggs, but the average MLM rep will still need to talk with people on the daily. Your ability to attract people, influence, and enroll them basically hinges on your engagement.

You’ll need to become obsessed with your industry too. Doesn’t matter whatever it is: skincare, forex, essential oils, health & fitness; you need to know it inside and out. But furthermore, you gotta be curious and seek out answers yourself. This can happen through reading books, watching videos, listening between the lines at a seminar…essentially you gotta commit yourself to the big picture. When that happens, you confidence, passion, and belief will create that magnetic attraction.

Attraction Marketing Kate McShea

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Valuable people invest in themselves. They just have to understand the ins and outs of whatever it is they’re involved with. They know how to anticipate questions and concerns others might have and gather those answers accordingly. “So if you don’t feel like you have value just yet, those are very simple things you can do,” Kate says. “It’s just making a commitment to that behavior.” That’s pretty helpful. What else does Kate tell us to do?

Well for one, if you’ve got something that works now, don’t change it. Just try to make it better by taking some of her nuggets and applying them to yourself. She also asks you to slow down a little. Ask them questions, check out their social media profiles. Figure out what their pains and desires are so that you can help them bust through those mental plateaus. Don’t just look at them like a dollar sign. No agenda, just be a concerned fellow citizen. Treat every conversation you have with these people like a chance for you to become a greater person of value.

One silver lining I think we can all agree on despite the BS pandemic stuff is that people do desire more personal connections and conversations after having been isolated like we all were. If you can get the person to feel like you actually care, that they’re actually important in the world, that their life too has meaning…then you’ll certainly stand out. To work with Kate, sign up for her own 10 day bootcamp where she walks you through her attraction marketing strategy. But if you’re tired of the MLM BS and just want money without answering to an upline boss or downline employees, check out my solution.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024


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