Mindy Paul Reviews (Updated): Is his “Mind, Money, and Business” Legit?

As the CEO of Mind, Money, and Business, Mindy Paul loves to get out and mingle with business owners, show them how to achieve extraordinary results and experience personal growth by changing their mindset, and teach them how to experience business growth to the tune of six figures on a monthly basis.  In one of his Instagram reels, he talks about how he just loves meeting with them because they’re so genuine. He goes on to say that with just a phone call or a video he’s able to get them on the right track to realizing that goal. Can he back up these claims, find out in my Mindy Paul review. 

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I might be missing something, but I kinda find it hard to believe that just a phone call or video can have such an impact on someone that they could turn their lives around so much. I guess it could happen, but maybe I’m just a cynic. When you listen to Mindy talk and say things like “When you change, things change”, I’m expecting to see cheerleaders coming out on stage at an Amway convention.

Now, I don’t expect people to be overnight successes just from a few words, empowering as they may be.  In fact, from what Mindy has said about himself, even his teachers didn’t really put a whole lot of stock in the kid, calling him things like slacker and good-for-nothing.  I guess you can’t really blame him since he was late with his assignments and always causing trouble.

But growing up on the wrong side of the tracks didn’t give Mindy many options, but he was the kid that always wanted to do things his way and had the kind of spirit to make things happen. It’s even comical to think that this guy at 13 yrs old was going around town selling boujee cigarette lighters and carpet cleaning services, to owning a performance car company by 19.

It wasn’t long after that he had a fair amount of real estate under his belt along with some fancy cars, but he had a run of bad luck when a mentor gave him some advice that put him in a world of debt. Not quite sure what kind of advice that would be, but I’ll take Mindy’s word for it. A few years later, he got really sick to the point that he was afraid that he might not make it, but for the sake of his family, he was hell-bent on doing whatever he could to turn things around

That’s when he watched a video of Bob Proctor who turned him on to the power of prayer and positive mental attitudes to bring about healing. This is what believes brought him back from death’s door. His doctors could even figure it out.  Mindy told them, “It is indeed the power of prayer and positive thinking.”

Is Mindy Paul Legit

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

With this new lease on life, Mindy swears to take every advantage that’s given to him.  Now he runs this coaching business all over the world and has it open to anyone who wants to participate, so long as they have an extra $19,000 lying around. Sounds a little crazy to me, I mean who in their right mind would pay that much money for something when you could watch a bunch of Bob Proctor videos on YouTube. 

Now, I’m not an expert on the laws of attraction, walking on fire, or swimming with sharks, but seriously, you shouldn’t have to take out a loan for something that when the night’s over, you’re still in the same boat as before but with your bank account nearly 20 Grand lighter. I don’t want to sound like i’m giving the guy a hard time here, but if you think about it, it doesn’t sound much different then those guys with the shaved heads that you’ll see at the airport, or those people holding signs on the top of buildings waiting for the next UFO to give them a ride. 

On a serious note though, if you do find yourself in bad health, don’t ignore sound medical advice. It doesn’t hurt to pray, but it also makes perfect sense to get a second opinion on something that could be a matter of life and death. Of course, there’s no shortage of these Name-It-And-Claim-It preachers on TV who promise healing if you just send them a vow of $5,000 and in turn you get a little vial of “healing oil”.  I suppose it couldn’t be any worse than 19 Large. As for me, paint me a skeptic while my bank balance remains untouched.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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